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Hot White
Red Rush
Red Flow
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Zoe Gadsby Applied Art
Zoë spent her early years in Hong Kong and returned to Scotland in the 1980’s. Having graduated from the Environmental Art Dept. at Glasgow School of Art in 1995, her early installation work explored light and colour and was influenced by meditational and experiential art. A further 2 years of study in Architectural and Kiln Formed Glass from 1998 -2000 were a natural progression of this photography and sculpture based work.
1998-2000 Glasgow College of Building and Printing(now Glasgow Metropolitan) H.N.C. Architectural and Decorative Glass1991-1995 Glasgow School of Art Ba(Hons)Fine Art Environmental Art
2001 Winner,Competition for Design of Millenium Window, The Piping Centre, Glasgow
1999 Awarded Silver Class Medal, Architectural and Decorative Glass, Glasgow College of Building and Printing (now Glasgow Metropolitan).
1999 Winner, Glass Category, Trades House Competition/Exhibition, Glasgow
1994 Bursary Award, Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow
Selected Commissions/collections:
Leaded Glass
Summer 2006-Purple Lilly, Door panel and surround, Shirley and Jim Littlejohn, Glasgow
Feb 2006-Gothic Rose, Above door panel, Andrew Gear, Glasgow
Summer 2005-Red Berries, 2 Window panels, Steve Tolson, Stirling
August 2004-Butterfly Wedding panel, Michala Strachan, Glasgow
June 2004-Full Moon, Teresa Flavin, America
May 2004-Milky Way, Above Door Panel, Izzie Johnstone, Cumbria
Dec 2003-Lunar Eclipse, Window Panel, Helene Bohle, Ardfern (near Oban)
March 2003-Blue Moon and Amber Sun, 2 Door Panels, Evelyn and John Dingwall, Glasgow
August 2000-Flow, Skylight Window, Angela & Euan Petrie, Glasgow
May 2000-Thistles, Wedding Panel for window
April 2000-Geometric Knot Window, Tchi Ovna Tea House, Glasgow
Spring 2000-Titania, Door panel, Bill Jackson, East Kilbride

Fused Glass
Dec 2006 - Fused and Slumped bowl, Jane Miller, West Kilbride
Dec 2006 - Set of Fused panels, Malcom Dobson, Glasgow and London
Dec 2006 - Fused and Slumped bowl, Greg Wilson, Aberdeen
Nov 2006 - 2 Fused and Slumped bowls, Liz-Anne Cambell, Glasgow
Nov 2006 - 2 Fused and Slumped bowls, Val Aikman, Glasgow
Sep 2005 - Retirement Gift, Fused and Slumped bowl, Malcom Matheson, Key Housing, Glasgow
July 2005 - Circular Fused Panel, David Cullen, Kirkcaldy
Nov 2004 - Retirement gift, 2 Fused and Slumped bowls, Malcom Matheson, Key Housing, Glasgow
Feb 2004 - Fused and Slumped bowls, Frames Gallery on behalf of client, Perth
Dec 2003 - Fused and Slumped bowl, Jane Barclay, Glasgow
Dec 2003 - Wedding Bowls, fused glass, Ruth Ramsey, Glasgow
Dec 2003 - Fused and Slumped bowl, Melanie Links, Glasgow
Nov 2003 - 2 Fused and Slumped bowls, Evelyn McDonald, Glasgow
Nov 2003 - Fused and Slumped bowl, Deirdre Hannon, Dublin
Group Exhibitions:
2006 Scottish Glass Society Annual Exhibition, Collins Gallery, Glasgow
2005 ‘Rush Series’, Showcased at The Morningside Gallery
2005 ‘Fusion’, Group show, The Strathearn Gallery, Crieff
2005 Glasgow Art Fair with the Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow
2004 Northern Perspective in Glass, Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh
2004 Celtic Connections Exhibition at W.A.S.P.S, Glasgow
2003 W.A.S.P.S. Open Studios Exhibition
2003 Scottish Glass Society Annual Exhibition, Q2 Gallery, Dundee
2001 Scottish Glass Society Annual Exhibition, The Reiver Gallery, Galashiels
2000 Scottish Glass 2000, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh and McManus Galleries, Dundee
1999 Trades House Competition/Exhibition, Glasgow
Artist's Statement:
I like to explore and manipulate glass’s transformational qualities using vivid, luminous colour that powerfully engages the senses and abstraction through geometric form. Simple geometric symbols and complex geometric patterning reflect naturally occurring chaotic forms fused with high-tech. circuitry, microscopic photography of viruses, cells and even atoms.
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