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Towards Uncertainty
Day and Night
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Wolfgang Karl Paintings
In the course of the years the artist refined his favourite technique: pastel mostly enriched with coloured pencils. Karl focuses mainly on landscapes and surreal topics, but he is also interested in such diverse subjects as cartoons. His sculptures bear a close resemblance to the dynamic lines in his drawings, they seem to be reduced to the symbolical substance of the original idea. At the same time Karl also paints in oil and water colour. As he likes to harness his pc for his vectorized pictures, he does not always colour his drawings. He puts to use photos and digital techniques to create images ,objects and video files. His new series “Bottlemania”, “Wonder-ful World” ,“Magic Lines” and “Cartoons” have held the artist in its grip ever since. Wolfgang Karl also creates logos and cover art for cd’s. He painted the stage set for Mozart’s “Magic Flute” at the “Musikhochschule” in Freiburg in 1992. A lot of his images were published as placards, posters,photos and postcards (by ‘Agfa’ and others).1992 Wolfgang Karl,aided by slides and video, led the audience through a maze of his creations at University College in London. Clients in the USA, Canada and several European countries have commissioned a sizable number of artwork (images, objects, illustrations and cd covers) in the past two decades. 2003 Karl even had the winning entry in competition for a new stamp commemorating the 1200 anniversary celebrations of the city of Schleswig in northern Germany.
Wolfgang Karl began his career in art parallel to an academic training. He intensively studied various art techniques in the early 70s,taking lessons at the art school ‘Paris’ and receivingadditional training by his friend the renowned Danish portrait painter Adam Gabriel. Sincethat time he has taken part in individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad.
Artist's Statement:
I offer my clients all kinds of "portraits":classical portraits (maybe even heads in the shape of bottles), houses, gardens, pets, murals and any items that mean a lot to them. But I do it my way,as I am a very trendy artist you will encounter entirely new traits of your familiar outlook on life. Of course, I am used to talking about each and every aspect with my customers toreally satisfy their demands.
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