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Prince in the Cabriole Pasture
Ranleigh Ram
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William Eicholtz Sculptures
William Eicholtz is a contemporary sculptor, taking figurative art from its traditional lineage then transforming and placing it in c=urrent artistic dialogue. Evolking classic themes, his sensual sculptures rejoice in metaphor and the physical, with particular focus on the male nude. Eicholtz acknowledges, in both theme and technique, the figures place in the classical history of art, then appropriates and translates it into a language infused with a humor and theatricality that embraces modern art.
Classically trained at university under european masters, William Eicholtz has gone on to teach in many institutions, including private lessons and tertiary colleges.
William has been highly awarded, including the Helen Lempriere National Outdoor Sculpture Award 2005 for his work "The Comrades Reward". This is the most prestigous and largest award for art in Australia- welcome reward indeed.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Public commissions include:
Lady of Justice- Victorian County Court, Melbourne Victoria. 2002
Bradman Plaque - Sydney Cricket Ground 1999
3 Servicemen figures- Australian National Korean War Memorial, Canberra 2000
Immigration Memorial, Gippsland, Victoria 2006
Farmyard Still-life, Royal Melbourne Showgrounds 1996
Single Exhibitions:
Many solo Exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney.
Group Exhibitions:
Many Group Exhibitions in Australia, New York.
Artist's Statement:
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