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Left Behind
Morning's Surprise
Orange House
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William Brody Paintings
William Brody age 55 has been painting for over 40 years. Paints realistic views of small town America and rural landscapes. Work can be found in many private and public collections throughout the country and overseas. He is a Signature member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society as well as a Governor on it's board. He has entered and won many juried shows over the part 15 years, been in many invitational exhibits as we as 2 person and solo shows. Use of light and shadow is employed to give his paintings a timeless feel of a frozen moment.
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Artist's Statement:
My goal as an artist has changed over the years.At first I was out there trying to show the world in strange and magical ways. I took bits and pieces and created new worlds new insights. Time and a fast pace in life have changed. I realized that over the years I failed to see what was really all around me.When I was a kid I found pleasure just looking at a tree and seeing all that life that was going on upon it, the ants and beetles marching to and fro. The scars that the tree had taken over all the years from nails, kids climbing and so on.As I grew older I felt my vision had become much more sophisticated when in reality I lost much of the wonder and beauty. Slowly I returned to looking at the simple things in life. The light and shadow when I began to see like a child again brought connection back to my life.So now I spend my time painting the things that are all around me and for the most part not truly seen by the people that pass by them. My goal of showing the world to people through my art hasnít changed, only the one that I now show.
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