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All The Little Fishes
Blurred Vision
Glistening Rose
Red, Red Rose
Undersea Tapestry
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Whitney Lauren Robinson Stubbart Photography
Whitney is a USA based Photographer.
Self Taught.
Artist's Statement:
Whitney Lauren Robinson Stubbart: Artwork and creativity for me seems to flow from my being. In other words itís one of the few things I have always been good at. Not that creating is always easy; but that itís always a part of me, and something inside requires me to work at it passionately more than I would anything else. This makes my work very much a part of my spirit and soul. I love working with any medium of expression. When I pick up an artistic tool I am instantly inspired and driven to create. Photography holds a special interest for me, although I am not content to master just one form of it; I am constantly exploring the many different formats available, which thanks to markets today are becoming highly advanced and varied. My love of expression through art leads me to find inspiration in all things, be it the various forms of life, the breathtaking beauty of nature, or in the most common of human experiences. I crave what the world has to offer and to capture and share that experience to the fullest is my journey. I have, and always will, find deep satisfaction in sharing my passion with others. My desire is to inspire, to provoke thought, and to share my experience. I hope that I can give someone a little joy, or perhaps nourish their character; to give them something they can value.
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