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Green Abstract
Installation Art Book
Untitled Form
Untitled Form
Untitled Vases
White Ring
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Waleed Qaisi Applied Art
Waleed was born in Baghdad 1963. He has exhibited his work worldwide.
Graduate Of Baghdad 1985
2004 -Artist in Residency Certificate.-Japan
2003-Artist in Residency Certificate-Denmark
1993- Ministry of Culture and Information Pottery Prize-Iraq
1992-Modern art Prize-Iraq
1987-Wasitty Festival – Second prize-Iraq
1987-Art day exhibition-Iraq
Selected Commissions/collections:
Collections: Modern Art Center-Iraq
Modern Art National Museum- Jordan
Al Sharja Museum-Sharja
National Museum-Egypt
Modern Arabic Art Museum-Qatar
Keramika Sisak Gallery , Zagreb-Croatia
Guldagergaar International Museum of Ceramic Art – Denmark
Museum Del Cantir ,Argentona Bercelona-Spain
Shigaraki museum, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.-Japan
Fule Museum of contemporary ceramics. China
Kufa Gallery-London
Single Exhibitions:
2004 -Kufa Gallery, Ceramics and Paintings- London
2001-Sheik Hasan Al-Thani – Gallery – Qatar
1999-Dar Al-Anda Gallery – Jordan
1996-Royal Cultural Center – Jordan
1996 – 1994-Workshop and exhibition at Jarash Festival f or
Culture music and arts- Jordan
Group Exhibitions:
2007- Clay Art Museum. Huston University, Texas. U S A
2006- Agora Gallery, New York. U S A
2006- 1st Biennale International De Ceramica De Marratxi BICMA- Spain
2006- elit-tile International Museum Of Contemporary Ceramics- Saint Dominican
2006- Omma gallery for contemporary art. CA-USA
2005- Triennial Exhibition of Flower Vases-Croatia
2005-Lilliput Ceramics, world exhibition of small and miniature ceramics-Croatia
2005--24th Gold Coast international ceramic Award-Australia
2005-Challenge the nail exhibition, Salon des arts, Painting-London
2005-Art festival, Omma gallery, Painting. Istanbul-Turkey
2004-Ceramics exhibition - North Carolina-U S A
2004-Workshop and lecture at Assela Festival- Marroc
2004- 23rd Gold Coast international ceramic art Award-Australia
2004--1 st International Ceramic Journal Editors Symposium-China
2004-The 3rd International Ceramic Biennale-Belgium
2004-The 9th Biennale de la Ceramique-Belgium
2004-The 3rd Contemporary of Ceramic art- Greece
2004-The ceramics competition of Une Euvre De Faience-France
2003-Museu Del Cantir D’Argentona , Barcelona -Spain
2003-International charitable exhibition of art ceramic-Croatia
2002--“ First Exhibition of Flower Vases”-Croatia
2002-Biennale the 6th for ceramics-Egypt
2001-Contemporary Arabic Art.-Qatar
2000-Biennale the 5th for ceramics- Egypt
1999-Small Pieces exhibition.,Orfaly Gallery-Jordan
1998-Biennale the 4th for ceramics-Egypt
1997- A group of Arab Artists exhibition Orfaly gallery- Jordan
1996- International Gent Festival- Belgium
1993- Modern Iraq Sculpture exhibition-Iraq
1992-Group of three Artists exhibition- Iraq
1991-Modern Iraqi Art exhibition- Jordan
1989 -Modern Iraqi Art exhibition- Cypress
1988-Baghdad International Festival for Arts 1st -Iraq
1986-Baghdad International Festival for Arts 2nd -Iraq
Artist's Statement:
Transformations: I need to feel and to capture life in front of my eye; actually I have the desire to grasp every thing that penetrates me through the eye and the skin. In every moment an idea is evolving, each idea is able to cross to art. How to manipulate the idea in order to become an idea that has established on the relationship of the shape with the thing and the thing with the shape in a frame of visual and constructional trends.There is always a relationship between the elements of the destruction and the destruction itself.Destruction is well known to me, it is the sensational experience and the vitality that pushes me towards various trends, from this point a concept is presented which is using the concept to express the idea, materials for building the idea, abstraction in executing the idea, and repetition in order to inter the idea's system.From this point I start to ask questions …. Why I choose this style to express my thoughts? Why I choose this material? Why I attack the work surface with lines and additives? Why I respect my work? …All these questions keep on struggling inside me while I am working in the middle of jam-pack of things and shapes around me. All these are observing the harmony inside the moment. That’s why my art work does not grow according to a previous intellectual plan but it generates by instant intuition decisions resembling in making a numerous number of artistic pieces that are accomplished in a long period of maturity and development which allow changes to take place normally and spontaneously. Waleed Qaisi 2005
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