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Vivienne Chan Applied Art
I have an interest in lighting design for interiors. I work in an experimental material approach and was inspired by the idea of how perceptions of everyday objects and materials can be challenged when placed in a different context.
BA(Hons)Design and Craft 2:2 2000-2004
Artist's Statement:
My work has been inspired by how perceptions of everyday objects can be challenged when placed in a different context. By producing forms involving the use of common mass-produced objects that we overlook and easily forget, creating multiples have excited me to make lighting pieces. Investigations with various materials and their interaction with light have led me to think of diffusion of light with the use of familiar, throwaway materials. In particular, using plastic straws because of their opaque and translucent qualities. The unusual choice of materials fits in with my theme of taking something out of context and letting it be seen in a new and exciting way. This work has a similar philosophy of making do with what already exists. When looking at my work, elements of recycling and working with the ‘found’ are evident. This work involving the use of found objects is debatable because the straws are not a result of a personal collection. I had to acquire them in bulk from manufacturers such as Tetrapak. Research has included surrealism and pop art assemblages. They challenged our reactions to commonplace objects. In addition, my work has been influenced by the designers, Claire Norcross and Tal Gur, and inspired by Cornelia Parker’s ‘Cold Dark Matter’. Interesting craft techniques involving the straw multiples in the forms and the tin can light fittings question the inventiveness in making objects from what is easily available to us. The straws’ play with light produces shadows when cast on adjacent surfaces. This is similar to ambient lighting by creating a certain mood when these lights are placed in a space or on a table. Furthermore, these lights are more sculptural than practical and comprise of five. Three of them have separate light fittings from their individual light shades. Therefore one part can’t function without the other. The large floor light can be positioned at any angle while the table light with the perspex inner form can only be placed upright. I hope to introduce unique and decorative lighting pieces to peoples’ home as I feel these lights will enhance the décor of any space in an interior when switched on. They have the elements of humour and fun in them while there is an environmental ethic in this work, which allows people to be more aware of the objects and details that surround us.
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