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Alternative views of (R.A.T.S)
Cedar of Lebanon
Eli, Eli, Lama sabachthani
In the hope of Israel
R(egected). And T(ormented) Souls
Revelation chapter 10 verse 2
The book of Job
The Crucifixion
The Crucifixion
The Crucifixion
The Lords Passover
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Tony Bland Paintings
Born in England in 1958, Tony had a very poor upbringing. He did not realise he had a talent, until in 1995 a series of events, which included a chance reading of the life story of Andrea Mantegna, that led to Tony start sketching. Tony soon progressed to painting.Tony's painting style is unique. Every painting has a hidden meaning known only to Tony himself, we are left to see and feel what we want. Texture is an important feature in his more recent paintings. He wants the viewer to be able to see and feel the emotion witheld in the painting and let the story unfold. Each one of the paintings is an inventionTonys paintings contain all of his observations and experiences of his life. Every symbol, every brushstroke, every colour is an experience that he has had or felt. His paintings are never planned they are created at a time when he feels he needs to let everything go, like a burst of energy leaving him tired at the end. Everything he see's that means anything will be contained within the next painting.
Studied at Nuneaton college of Technology and Art.From 1974-82. Which included Engineering and advanced coalmining science.
Single Exhibitions:
Winter gardens, Blackpool.
Nuneaton Museum and art gallery.
Angle gallery, Birmingham
Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery for Contemporary Art
Group Exhibitions:
Cork street, London
Shire hall Art gallery, Stafford
Artist's Statement:
These past several years i have devoted my study to the King James, bible and the translation , the words to hebrew, though its caused much weariness of the flesh, my heart was moved . I feel its important to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and soul, and important to accept jesus the son of man born out of the flesh, was flesh- mortal blood and flesh, but is no longer so. The same son of man has been transformed into incorruptible spirit substance, and is therefore spirit and as spirit( not a flesh) is where he was before", between the two living manifestations was death- state the flesh and spirit, the effluent spirit forsook jesus when exclaimed upon the cross " My EL, My EL," why has though forsaken me. I began to paint these pictures with thoughts of the Son power therefore being the father power that one is the great power of the mathematical universe. The spirit no longer rested upon the Cherub, yet that Cherub continued to love as other men. Jesus had all the constitutions of the Cherub, the appearance of the Father power, the ox, from the tribe of Ephraim, Damascus gate and north , steadfast in faith, the eagle, the tribe of Dan the judge and north all seeing, all knowing( PROPHECY) Reuben a man( behold a son, east) Judah , a lion king of the beasts to fear not, My latest works namely "Fear not" i hoped to create thoughts reflecting back to Psalm 38, In the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea,that his body was in a condition predicted in this Psalm, and that the flesh must be born again Psalm 40, and in Hebrews 10:5 God sent forth is spirit healed is soul of that evil disease", God made Jesus one in nature with Himself, the spirit son of the external spirit, equal in power and glory to God, Thus the Father power is One, the son power is the one Father power in plural manifestation.
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