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Figure in repose
Fisher Boy
Flowers in vase
Make Nude
Seated Nude
The English Garden
The Pond at Wandsworth Common
Top hat and Tails
Victory of Samothrace
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Tim Holleyman Paintings
I am a London based artist and teacher. I studied and now teach at the Lavenderhill Studios in South London, where the traditions of the atelier system are very much alive.
I originally studied traditional animation at the Arts Institute Bournemouth. After a few years in the animation industry I returned to education to re-train in traditional painting techniques. I studied and now teach at the Lavender Hill Studios which is a traidtional atelier based in South London.
Selected Commissions/collections:
King Charles - Musician
Jess Isley - Artist
Katie Louise Simpson
The Hawkins Sisters
LtCol Kenny J Mathis (US army)
Artist's Statement:
I work in Oil and Charcoal. My main influences come from artists such as John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn and Velasquez. In my portrature I seek to go beyond just a likeness and to express something of the persons character. I do this by creating atomosphere though edges and tone, manipulating colour and pose to create unique artwork for my clients. I have a real interest in the effects of light and the various ways in which it can be described in paint. Most of all I hope that the passion and enjoyment I have for what I do comes across in my work so that I can share the pleasure I get with others.
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