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Tansy Rice Caley Paintings
Tansy has been drawing people and animals mostly from life since her early teens. During studying for her art degree she became increasingly aware of the importance of observational drawing as a grounding for portraiture. This experience has enabled Tansy to capture the life and essence of her subjects even when working from photographs for animal commissions. A display of Tansy's work at Crufts International Dog Show resulted in a contact with Japan that led to a number of commissions, and aroused interest from publishers of animal art. Tansy now has a collection of limited edition prints of dogs and a series of cards have been published.
1980-1981 Huddersfield College: Art Foundation 1981-1984 Bradford College of Art: B.A. in Art and Design
Artist's Statement:
Being a dog owner myself I am fully aware how special our pets are to us. It is very important to me that I not only achieve a good likeness but that I also capture the essential character of the pet. I have studied pastel painting for many years and enjoy the execution of my craft. This medium enables me to render the softness and tactile quality of fur. I also enjoy the subtlety and sensuality of pastel. My aim is to create a piece of fine art, using the best quality materials, that conveys the life and spirit of the pet.
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