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Tamir David Paintings
As I was sitting on the Manhattan C-Train, drawing two businessmen engrossed in conversation, an old man sat beside me and started to draw my profile. When I reached my final stop, he approached and handed me a sketch. I looked at my portrait, and realized that I was completely unaware of how much of me is visible to another observer. This encounter led me to develop a style aimed at disclosing the anonymity that prevails in urban culture. I strive to capture and illuminate the internal forces at work behind the individual exterior.
I am self taught artist.
Metro 5 award ($40,000) best young artist in Australia.
Single Exhibitions:
Nov 05 Urban Patterns / Studio Gallery Sydney, Australia
Jan 05 Untitled / Studio Gallery Sydney, Australia
Nov 04 Misplaced / Antonio Ruggerino Sydney, Australia
Jul 03 Works on Paper / Alta Gallery Sydney, Australia
Feb 03 Unrapt / Blender Gallery Sydney, Australia
Feb 03 Orange Pepper(2)/ Basement Sydney, Australia
Jun 02 Eclectica / Alta Gallery Sydney, Australia
Apr 02 Sirens / Alta Gallery Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibitions:
Dec 05 Biennale internazionale Florence, Italy
Jun 05 Montserrat Gallery New York, USA
Mar 05 Audiovisual / ICA London, UK
Feb 05 Metro 5 Melbourne, Australia
Aug 04 Freedom / Antonio Ruggerino Sydney, Australia
Jul 04 Skin / Mars Lounge Sydney, Australia
Jul 03 Blender gallery Sydney, Australia
Jun 03 Agora gallery New York, USA
Jul 02 Orange pepper Sydney, Australia

Artist's Statement:
Coming from a family tree that spans from Turkey, Russia, Romania, Israel and Poland, I have never managed to find one place I can identify with as home. When I was 15 I went travelling to Romania with my father and was absolutely captivated by the scores of gypsies scattered around the city centre. I spent endless hours observing them in the streets as they playfully con the locals, roam freely or play a guitar with magic fingers. The freedom they resonated contradicted with how they looked: homeless, poor and out of place. This paradox produced a life long passion to observe the subcultures created by nomads and immigrants. As I grew older I left Israel on a quest for a better place and the search for freedom became the subject of my art and the core of my existence.
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