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Asbjorn Lonvig at New Art Collectors   
"Probably the best colorful simplicity artist in the world". Granted the World of Art Award 2006. Asbjorn Lonvig art works are available as: Painting, acrylic on canvas, Serigraph, Poster, Graphic Design, Print on your computer.
£1250.00 view
British Columbia West Coast
£9350.00 view
Colusseum Vespasian
£5400.00 view
Francis of Asissi
£5400.00 view
Piazza San Marco - Venezia Italia
£7500.00 view
Heritage 1575 - Tirsbaek Castle
£8800.00 view
International Day of the World's Indigenous People
£1250.00 view
Musée du Louvre
£1250.00 view
Aros Art Museum
£1250.00 view
Queen Charlotte Sound Sunset
£1250.00 view
Agersboel - Manor House
£8000.00 view
Christiansborg Palace Grey
£8359.00 view
£8550.00 view
South Jutlandic Historism
£6683.00 view
Canada Toronto Skyline
£8370.00 view
Victorian House
£8900.00 view
Perception One of Two
£8900.00 view
Perception Two of Two
£625.00 view
Thumbelina's Butterfly - Hans Christian A
£23903.00 view
Essence of Christianity - You raise me up
£1250.00 view
Plaza del Toros
£1250.00 view
Say Cheese
£1250.00 view
Mt Everest
£1250.00 view
Italian Soul
£1250.00 view
Pig Faced Butterfly Fish
£9350.00 view
Baby Power
£8000.00 view
Christiansborg Palace Green
£8000.00 view
Christiansborg Palace Blue
£8000.00 view
Christiansborg Palace Red
£8000.00 view
Christiansborg Palace White
£7933.00 view
Christiansborg Palace Yellow
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