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Single Drop Collection
Single Drop Collection
Single Drop Collection
Water Piece
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Susan Nixon Applied Art
With a successful history in glass design supplying limited edition and exclusive collections to high profile clients, I launched my new studio in August 2000 and now focus on larger scale one-off pieces for interiors and exteriors as well as lecturing part-time in Hot Glass at Wolverhampton University.
1994 to 1997, University of Wolverhampton B.A. (hons) Glass Design, graduated with Excellence in Glass Award
2002 Gift of the Year, Winner in the national competition, within the Special Occasions category, for the Blue Veil TM paperweights 2001/2 Creative Ambitions Awards, West Midlands Arts in order to develop new work to exceed the constraints of commercialism. 2001 Sustainable Development Award, Category winner Livewire Business Entrepreneur of the Year competition run by Shell Oil in South West Region. 1998/2003 Broadfield House, Glass Museum, collaborative piece and Green Disc purchased for collection. 1997 1990 Established Everglassting on winning the Broadfield House Glass Museum scholarship, on merit of work and business plan.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Selected Commissioners of larger-scale pieces: 2003 Moira Sharpe, Architect / interior designer-showpiece for home 2002 Private individual, Interior Piece for fireplace in listed building Anupam Restaurant, Site-specific wall piece for reception area (ongoing) 2001/2 Pvaxx Research & Development, Design consultant on new building project, specializing in interiors, providing computer generated projections of how the site would look for architect and planners Selected Clients: 2002/3 Shell LiveWire UK, National Award Finals. Design / made winning piece. 2002 Marks and Spencer, Awards, blown with extensive polishing. 2002 British Museum Co., An exclusive collection Tennyson Blue Veil. 2000/1/2 British Telecom, Limited Edition Awards, functional / sculptural. 2001 Amateur Rowing Association, Award for Sir Steve Redgrave presented live on Grandstand. Blown and extensively cut. 2001 Dartington Crystal, Freelance Designer, new products launched in New York and Frankfurt, pieces remain in their collection. 2001 Orange, Awards presented to companies such as Microsoft 1999 New York Library, USA Personalised collection for retail shop within Library Wheaton Village, USA Exclusive collection for the Glass Schools museum & shop 1998 BBC, Awards for the Eurovision Song Contest
Group Exhibitions:
2003 Fresh Air 2003, Quenington Sculpture Trust Haiku Touring Exhibition, Haiku Association 2002 New Glass, Vicarage in Gloucestershire Mitsukoshi International, Tiawan (touring) Glass Art Exhibition The Art of Glass, Broadfield House Glass Museum 2001 The Antrim Connection, Avoncroft Museum National Glass Centre, Sunderland Cider Press, Devon Los Angeles Gift Fair with Design Gap 2000-1 New York Trade Fair, with the Crafts Council 1999 Shanghai Exhibition, New Glass Economy (touring)
Artist's Statement:
I pursue a type of harmony with a piece, within an environment and with people. Travelling solo, drawing inspiration from different cultures and experiences, I focus on producing limited edition and one-off pieces, developing innovative new techniques that enable me to realize concepts ranging from exclusive tableware to Large-scale Sculptural pieces for interiors and exteriors.
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