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Garden Pepper I
Garden Pepper II
Garden Peppers X #1
Garden Peppers X #2
Garden Peppers X #3
Garden Peppers X #4
Garden Peppers X #5
Garden Peppers X #6
Hosta Rhythm II #1
Hosta Rhythm II #2
Hosta Rhythm II #3
Hosta Rhythm II #4
Fig Leaf Rhythm I #1
Fig Leaf Rhythm I #2
Fig Leaf Rhythm I #3
Fig Leaf Rhythm I #4
Hosta Sweep I #1
Hosta Sweep I #2
Hosta Sweep I #3
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Susan Fishgold Paintings
Susan Fishgold is a Brooklyn, NY-based painter who works in an unusual technique she has developed called layered monotype, using translucent overprinted glazes of color that she then works into with brush, pencil, crayon, guache and other media. The result is a free but very controlled application of color and texture that she uses to portray the “visual and spiritual rhythms of color, as the expression of the movement within form, the life under the skin of the image.” Her imagery is drawn from natural forms, but her works are very much about the relationships of colors. She often works in series, creating the same image repetitively but with differing colors.Her work has been collected by the National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington, DC, the National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian Institute (Artists Books Collection), IBM Corporation, Phillip Morris Corporation, and Deloitte & Touche, Inc., among others, and has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the U.S. and Europe. She studied at the Art Students’ League, in New York, and at Brooklyn College, and her teachers have included Robert Beverly Hale, Lee Bonticou, Sylvia Stone, Lois Dodd and Robert Bermilin.
M.A., Painting and Drawing, Brooklyn College, N.Y. Studied with: Lee Bonticou Sylvia StoneArt Students' League, New York City Studied with: Robert Beverly Hale Brooklyn Museum Art School, N.Y.B.A. in Art Education, Queens College, N.Y. Studied with: Lois Dodd Rosemarie Beck Robert Bermilin Tom Doyle Mary Frank
Selected Commissions/collections:
IBM Corporation, Thornwood, NY (sixty unique works commissioned for Corporate Meeting Center)

National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
City of Orlando, City Hall Orlando, Florida
IBM Corporation, Thornwood, NY
Philip Morris Corp., NYC
Deloitte & Touche, Inc.,NYC, /Wilton,Conn.
Towers - Perrin, Inc., NYC
Women's Health Center, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Manhasset, NY
Pacific Clinics, Pasadena, California
Art Planning Consultants, NYC
John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Edison, NJ
and numerous private collections in the U.S. and Europe

Single Exhibitions:

The Gershwin Gallery, New York City
Galerie 't Oude Raadhuis, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
Stichting Verenigde Beeldende Kunstenaars (SVBK Galerie), Dordrecht, The Netherlands
The Arsenal Gallery, New York City
Bronx Museum of the Arts, Satellite Gallery, "Tiger Lillies"
Fred Dorfman Gallery, NYC, "Dancing Tulips"
Work of Art Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Group Exhibitions:
K Gallery, Rhythmix Cultural Works, San Francisco (group)
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, “Works from the Permanent Collection"
Hal Katzen Gallery, New York City (group)
The McIntosh Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., (group)
Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Ga., "Works on Paper II" (group)
Art Expo, NYC, Fred Dorfman Gallery
Diverse Works Gallery, "Echo" International Mail Art Show, Houston, Texas
Fred Dorfman Gallery, NYC, "Monoprints" (Group)
Fred Dorfman Gallery, NYC, "The Painted Print" (Group)
Dallas Museum of Art, Modern Realism "Summer Mail Art" Show
Las Vegas Museum of Art National Paperwork Show (juried group)
Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn Borough Hall, N.Y., "Repeating Images" (group)
11th National Print & Drawing Exhibition, (juried group), Minot College, ND
Allan Stone Gallery, NYC, " New Talent Show"
Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, NYC, (group) "21 Women Artists"
14th Annual Arkansas Exhibition, (juried group), Pine Bluff, Ark.
Brooklyn Museum, NYC, Annual Juried Show
Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa., (group) "Femailable Art"
The Gallery at 112 Greene Street, Soho, NYC (group)
Custom House Gallery, World Trade Center, NYC (group)
Work of Art Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y. (group)
Artist's Statement:
Monotype is a process in which ink is applied to a plate and the plate applied to the paper or canvas, thereby transferring the ink. I perform these steps by hand, using no press, as each of my pieces is a unique work. I generally overprint several layers, using thin glazes to achieve a luminous quality and vein-like textured surface. I then work into the print with crayon, ink, pencil, paint or other media. I often work in series, producing multiple monotype images with varying colors on individual works, and on different works in the series.Trained originally as a painter, I have always been primarily concerned with color and the visual and spiritual rhythms of color as the expression of the movement within form, the life under the "skin" of the image. There is something wonderful about the monotype process -- pressing the entire image, or a large part of it, at once. It goes beyond and also complements the pleasure I find in the precision and focus of the brush, pencil or crayon. I also feel that, while image and pictorialism remain important to me, the use of the monotype process -- as opposed to direct application by brush -- "frees" the color to some extent from the edges of form. Finally, with monotype you're closer to the actual artwork itself -- there's nothing between you and it. I feel like I'm dancing around the plate.
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