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The Royal Emblem of the Lord of the Sea
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Subodh Kerkar Sculptures
Subodh Kerkar gave up his medical profession to pursue his passion, art. For the last 18 years, Subodh has experimented in varied media. His present passion is installations in nature, ‘Earth Art’.
Initially Subodh started his lessons in art under his father, Mr. C.S. Kerkar who was an art teacher. Subodh claims that the Modern art museums of the world had been his real teachers. In the midst of his educational career there was an accident of getting a medical degree from Bombay University. But he recovered fast from it
Won an award of 6,000 USD at Busan Biennale Sea Art Festival 2006. He was among the 9 artists selected to participate in the event from 200 entries.
Selected Commissions/collections:
* Created half a kilometer of installations for International Film Festival of India – 2004 and 2005 – Goa.
* Created half a kilometer of installations for Mumbai Festival – 2005 at Priyadarshani Park, Mumbai on invitation by Sangita Jindal.
* Created an Installation Park at Campal, Panaji – Goa for the Government of Goa.
Single Exhibitions:
*Jehangir Art Gallery – Mumbai
*India Habitat Centre - New Delhi
*Park Hotel Gallery – New Delhi
*Bayrischer Hof – Germany
*Botanikkum – Germany
*Kala Academy – Goa
*Fundacao Oriente – Macau
*Hillestad Gallery – Norway
*Kronen Gallerie – Switzerland
Group Exhibitions:
Participated in numerous group shows and Art Camps like:
*RPG Art Camp
*Oberoi Art Camp
*Raheja Art Camp
Artist's Statement:
I am a sea - artist.I take my studio to the beach, the sea itself become both my muse and my medium. I am then one with sea, the creator and the created, the mentor and the disciple.When I create the ocean with mussel shells, my theme and my medium fuse and I am offering a homage to the sea. Glass when lit, becomes water, solid turns to liquid, and within the womb of the boat, glass in turn remembers sand.I use very little man-made material in my installations, and I use them only so long as they evoke more primal forms and elements. The boat and water, glass and sand, metal and earth.In my recent paintings too, I am looking at the elemental. In a sense, I paint my installations onto the canvas – basic geometric forms and patterns: how the earth appears from a satellite, reduced to its essence – the dots and lines of human settlements, water and earth.As the saint poets once brought art to the people, away from the courts and made art of the people, today’s artist too must create art in the world of the people, away from the galleries. His work must talk to them and their lives and memories must speak through his work. My boat must remember the perilous journeys it has made, the carpenters’ hands, the fishermen’s songs, the impressions of their bodies on its surfaces. It must remember life in the sea and lives around the sea. My art then becomes a mnemonic device and through it I give back to the sea what it has given me.
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