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River Reflection
River Sun
River Flow
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Suad Ostergaard Applied Art
Suad Ostergaard is as committed a designer as she is in executing her designs. She is equally inspired by designer-weavers, such as the present-day Jack Lenor Larsen, Vibeke Klint and her own teacher Berit Hjelholt, as she is by great geniuses such as the late Mariano Fortuny or nomadic tradition, but the immediacy of her surroundings might even prove to be the decisive influence. At present her great inspiration is Norwich itself and its environs, particularly its historic connection to dyeing and weaving. It is that relation that has named many parts of the city, for example Maddermarket where the glorious red dye which is predominant in Suad's work today was sold. Similarly, city features such as the Wensum river, which mediaeval diarists describe as running red from madder dye, and by which Suad passes each day on her way to the studio, inspire her and have helped in the creation of her two most recent carpets, "Wensum Running Red" and "Wensum Reflect". There are other themes present in the Wensum as it "wends" its way to the coast, for up it came other Danes and Scandinavians bringing with them not only war, but trade and goods from all over the world, for the Vikings were great cosmopolitan connectors of world cultures, revitalising areas remote from each other by their fruitful cross-pollination. So Norwich inspires today, just as once before the moor, or "Muir", of the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides was a key source for her large carpet "Muir Walk". It was there that she imbibed the deep authenticity of the islanders' tweeds, just as later she was to drink deeply from the genuine Tartan tradition in the Highlands, and just as she is continually nourished by her innate love of simple, uncluttered and yet elegant design, the minimalism that comes so naturally to Scandinavians. It is in the natural synthesis of all of these elements that the wellspring for Su�d�s work is to be found, woven together with alpaca, silk, mohair, wool, cotton, angora, and handspun yarns, and dyed with vivid natural dyes such as madder, birch and heather.
1971 College of Art and Design, Skals, Denmark1972 Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing, Private Tuition under Danish/Finnish Textile Artist, Berit Hjelholt, Wust, Denmark1973 Weaving and Textile Art, Private Tuition under Karen Isaz, Denmark 1974-76 �rhus Art Academy, Textile, Drawing and sculpture, Denmark 2 week course for a teaching diploma for private tuition1993 Tuition under the late Tweed weaver Miss Marian Campbell MBE, Harris, 1994 Private tuition under Tartan weaver and author James Scarlet, Moy, Inverness
Selected Commissions/collections:
Commissioned to make 40 metres of a Macintosh tartan by Scottish author Ian Dallas, matching the authentic brilliant reds so beloved of the Highlanders.
Commissioned by Basque scholar Professor Ojembarrena to design and weave an authentic tweed based on experience on Lewis weaving Harris Tweeds.
Single Exhibitions:
2005 Oliver Messer Gallery, "Wensum Running Red", solo exhibition
Assembly House, Theatre Street, Norwich
Assisted by Norfolk County Council
Group Exhibitions:
1977-78 Yearly Contemporary Textile Exhibition, �rhus
1994-97 Yearly Textile Exhibition, Balnain House Riverside, Inverness
2003 Open Studio, Norwich Festival
Buckenham Gallery, Southwold
Norwich Fringe Festival Room 6, A contemporary Living Space
Muspole Studios Open Christmas Studio
2004 Open Studio, Norwich Festival
Textile Gallery at the Andalusian-Moroccan Fayre, the Forum, Norwich
Norwich Fringe Festival "Winding on the Wensum"
2006 Potsdam (Berlin), Art Fair
Cologne, Art Fair
Artist's Statement:
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