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Coombe Hill, January.
Gallows Hill, 1st June 2005.
Gallows Hill, December.
Pitstone Hill, January.
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Stuart Smith Paintings
1999/2001 Camberwell School of Art MA Printmaking. 1996/1999 University of Hertfordshire BA Fine Art (1st Class Hons.)
Artist's Statement:
Stuart makes his work outside in remote rural sites. Continually returning to the same place over a period of time he forges a close familiarity with each particular location. Physical elements of the landscape are used as part of the process (and often as the medium for the work). This use of natural, native materials to create the work helps to establish a direct physical and empathetic relationship with his environment. In his working practice he aims to stay true to a philosophy of minimal intervention, conscious of the impact his activity may have on the environment. The imagery is developed as a consequence of this sensitive interaction with natural elements. It is also determined by an instinctive and spontaneous response to variations in weather and light, and to seasonal temporality: the transience of nature. His work is simply an expression of his experience of being in these places. Not only is it specific to place but also strictly specific to time.
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