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London Tube
Lost in a Blue Day
Flamingo Park
Stress City
Pig in the House
Think off the Wall
The Cry
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Stewart Michael Bruce Digital
Stewart Michael Bruce: Illustrator and Photographer. Stewart uses traditional artists' mediums but also uses a computer to combine them with images taken from found objects and his own photographs. then combined with traditional tools including watercolours, acrylics, oils, charcoal, and pencils into his artwork. All work is printed onto canvas giclee. Stewart finds working as an artist on the computer with tools like Adobe Photoshop software has made all the difference to him as an artist, setting him free from the restrictions of the old media, while allowing him to combine the old with the new. Now he feels that his paintings have a great deal more shape and form, through the palette of millions of colours. Stewart's purpose is to create new landscapes that flow with movement and colour.
Education Stewart Studied Art and Design at Great Yarmouth College and then went on to do a degree at the University of Norwich School of Art and Design. Stewart completed his BA degree in Illustration at Norwich School of Art and Design. His intensive university training gave Stewart excellent groundwork as an Illustrator.
2004: Refocus Now 2005 CALENDAR COMPETITION
AUGUST - I'm Still Waiting, 2005 Calendar

2003: Exhibition at the Period Gallery (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA), in the Digital Experimental III Exhibition; Award of Excellence.
Group Exhibitions:
2004: Illustration exhibited at On The Wall Olympia 29th Sept - 3rd October on stands A16.

2004: Artist and Illustrators Exhibition 22nd - 25th July 2004, at the Business Design Centre in Islington London, N1

2004: I LIKE LOOKING AT PICTURES An exhibition featuring the work of photographers, illustrators & artists. WATERLOO GALLERY 14 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA, 5th - 16th July 2004

2004: Cocktail III Exhibition at Deluxe Gallery Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU, 2nd - 10th February 2004.

2003: Showcase at the International Open Image exhibition at the Deluxe Gallery, London with Refocus-Now.

2003: FUSION Competition Exhibition at the Gallery 47, Bloomsbury, London (December), with Refocus Now London

2000: Exhibition at the SeaChange Gallery (Great Yarmouth).

1999: Exhibition in the Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (State College, Pennsylvania, USA).

1999: Exhibition at the White Crow Gallery (USA).

1999: Exhibition in the September Song Soho Multimedia Festival (London).

1999: Showcased at Colville Place Gallery (London).

1999: Showcased at Metro Imaging Gallery (London).
Artist's Statement:
CAREER NOTES:2006: Digit Magazine issue 99 May 2006Illustration Showcase, Stress City, London Tube and I’m Still Waiting.2006: Publishing Design / Client: Priory Children’s Centre:Music in the Early Years ‘Keeping the Box Unlocked’ 2005: Illustration / Publishing Design Client: Community Connections for WW Net, an English and Europe partnership as a non-profit organization. Looking at Woman and the Labour Market. 2005: SBS Digital Design, Front cover on SBS Digital Design. Merging Lanes: Stewart Michael Bruce switches up the Photoshop color Mode for a gritty take on city life. Digital Creative Arts, February Issue Seventeen, Illustration Tutorials Workshop Create a stunning watercolour photomontage in Adobe Photoshop CS.Give your digital illustration an outstanding edge by creating it with a natural feel; such as an eye-catching watercolour look...Adobe Photoshop CS is just the tool for the job. 2005: Illustration featured in Design Graphics: Portfolio Issue 112 (Australia). 2004: Illustration published in Digital Creative Arts Issue Fifteen Portfolio Page 64-652004: Illustration published in Computer Arts Project (Issue 55), "How to get into Galleries."2001-2004: "Facing Faces" project, a worldwide, Internet- and gallery-based, anti-violence campaign through the Coalition of Artists United for Social Engagement (CAUSE). The mission of CAUSE is to raise awareness of and fight violence against women and children. The final goal of "Facing Faces" is to present in real time and space the human condition, about being able to feel the pain and suffering of a five year old girl living in México, but also about human fears and dreams. Over the last few years, Stewart has worked on a series of images for "Facing Faces" and CAUSE 2003-'04 Facing Faces exhibit traveled throughout America and Canada (Los Angeles and Hollywood, California; Toluca, Ohio; Richmond, Virginia; Fredericton, New Brunswick); Belgium (Antwerp and Leuven); The Netherlands (Utrecht and Amsterdam); and the Philippines (scheduled-November 2004, Sto. Thomas, Mindanao).Artwork from the first Facing Faces Exhibition shown at the Museum of Art and History in Juarez City, Mexico. 2003: Illustration published in Digital Photographer Issue Eight Imageer Profile: meet a man who's a dab hand with an image editor as he explains the ups and downs of working with digital pictures in Adobe Photoshop. 2002: Refocus Now Stock Catalogue. 2000: Feature in EFX Art and Design: Photographic Special Volume 7 edition 30 Autumn (Sweden).2000: Featured in Digital Publishing Design Graphics: Portfolio Issue 54 (Australia).
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