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Sorapong Seechompoo Paintings
Born 5 February 1975 the province is spread the word Village 76/21 Moo 5, T. Suthep blue drop Muang Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
-sp.b. (Painting) Faculty of Fine ArtsChiang Mai University. Thailand
- Outstanding Art Award 30 year anniversary of Tula 14 days at the Democratic Parliament, Bangkok.
- Awards honor card The original statue contest at my magazine. Esntral Building World Plaza, Bangkok.
- honorable mention of the painting contest Art rich praise Chiang Mai Lanna culture "Gallery, Chiang Mai Airport.
Single Exhibitions:
- Exhibition of Contemporary Painting No. 5 Panasonic and Sony as a National Museum Bangkok Prince Street Gallery
- Art Exhibition 2546 Best of Thailand Phillips Aristide Inc. at the New Museum National Gallery, Bangkok Prince Road: Art Exhibition "gulp
- shift - tough" at the Gallery Tunnel Chiang Mai Art Fair - Art Exhibition Celebrating 30 years, 14 days Tula democracy.
- Art Exhibition "odor Ink" shop from late winter rain, Chiang Mai
- Exhibition "He want the growth ย Inc. Hunt City Hall Do" No. 2 at the Exhibition Hall of Art and Culture.
- Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Panasonic and Sony at a time 6 at National Museum Gallery Prince Road, Bangkok
- Thai orchid exhibition in a Thai No. 2.
- Exhibition "He want the growth ย Inc. Hunt City Hall Do" at No. 3 Exhibition Hall of Art and Culture Chiang Mai University: Exhibition
Shop gravel courtyard at Chiang Mai
- exhibition offers works auction for matching funds Alumni Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University,
- painting exhibition"Orchid Thai in a Thai".
- Thai Orchid Foundation at the queen Princess Hotel Bangkok palace 2550 - Art Exhibition Amata the Ward No. 3 National Museum Prince Street Gallery, Bangkok.
- Painting exhibition honor"His acts under the umbrella" The Rapid Transit Authority Art Gallery, Silpakorn University, Bangkok Palace Thapra
- An exhibition of statuary Draft 3 year anniversary.
- Exhibition "aesthetic of the body" art festival.
- Exhibition "opened Faculty of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall" at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Chiang Mai University - Art Exhibition "Location Update" by students, faculty.
Artist's Statement:
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