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Around and around in the Blue..." Ring
Buckthorn" Bracelet
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Sonja Seidl Applied Art
Originating from a traditional background as a silversmith and craftsman in Germany I explored my ideas in a more experimental way during my studies at the Royal College of Art in London. Now I have established a workshop in Copenhagen, where I live since few years, to move the initial concepts forward. I like my cosmopolitical life, feel at home and have friends in many places. As Thomas Stearn Eliot expressed in his "Four Quartetts":We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.
From June 2004 to the present I do selfemployed work in my own workshop and also work at the silversmithing workshop of Georg Jensen in Copenhagen, Denmark From October 2002 – July 2004 I accomplished my study at the Royal College of Art, London:MA Course "Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery" with Prof. D. WatkinsFrom Sept. 1998 – Sept. 2002 I collected work experience at the silversmithing workshop of Georg Jensen in Copenhagen, Denmark, and at a goldsmithing workshop in Landshut, Germany.From Sept. 1995 – July 1998 I accomplished my apprenticeship as a silversmith at the State College for Glass & Jewellery in Neugablonz, Germany.
1998 State prize for the completion of the silversmithing apprenticeship with the highest possible mark.

2003 Goldsmith’s Craftmanship & Design Awards, 2nd prize.
2003 ESG Robinson Charitable Trust Award for the Royal Mint Medal Design Competition.

2004 Goldsmith’s Craftmanship & Design Awards, commendation.
2004 Distinction on MA Dissertation “Gold or Felt?”

2005 Pewter Live Open Competition, 2nd prize.
2005 Travel scholarship, Georg Jensen Foundation
Group Exhibitions:

"The Show One" Final Exhibition at the Royal College of Art, London

"New Designers" Fair, London

"Dressing for Dinner" at the Crafts Council Shop at the V&A Museum, London

"TeaTotal" at the Crafts Council Gallery Shop, London

"New Designers" at the ExpoArte Smykkegaleri, Oslo

"Christmas Exhibition" at the Twist Art&Design Gallery, London


"Pewter Live" at the Pewterers' Hall, London

"The Watkins Era - 21 years of innovation, research & style at the Royal College of Art", CAA Gallery, London

"Danner Award 2005" at the Bavarian National Museum in Munich


Presently my work is exhibited at the "Alternatives" Gallery in Rome, Italy and at the Chorokbaemn Art Center MCC near Seoul in Korea.
Artist's Statement:
Metalwork can be the expression of one’s self just as sculpture may be. Silverware and jewellery may not only be for functional construction and use, but for the expression of form, thought or sensation. Therefore I like to choose whatever technique, object or material suits my idea.I strongly believe that handwork in itself has value, which cannot be substituted by technology. That is the enjoyment of being actively involved in the challenge of the physical matter.
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