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Sonja Kobrehel Paintings
My work in visual arts reflects the constant changes and experiences in my personal life.I am guided by my feelings, thoughts, dreams and visions.
1999 Member of Hungarian Printmaker Association 1998 Member of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists 1995 Bursary for continuative education, Kecskemet (Hungary) Art of enamel 1995 Member of the Association of Yugoslav Fine Artists 1993 B.A. Degree, Academy of Art - department of visual arts,Novi Sad(Yugoslavia) 1988 "Sumatovacka" school for traditional drawing and painting,Belgrade(Yugoslavia)
2005 Best of the 123 SOHO 2005 Art Show (New York,USA)
2004 Honourable Mention for excellence in work on canvas,Delta(Canada)Art Spacific.
2002 Best of the Show-Anacortes(WA-USA)Art at the Port Arts Festival
1996 Municipal Award for National Restaurant interior design,Subotica(Yugoslavia)
1995 Prize for painting at the "Vitalovi Suncokreti" exibition,Vrbas(Yugoslavia)
1992 Annual Fine Art Reward for category "Drawing",Academy of Art,Novi Sad(Yu)
Single Exhibitions:
2007 Seymour Gallery,North Vancouver , Canada (coming in November...
2007 Gala Gallery,West Vancouver, Canada (coming in September...
2006 Art Ark Gallery Kelowna , Canada ( coming in September..
2006 Art Expo , Montreal (Aug.)
2006 Monny's Envision Gallery, Vancouver, Canada (coming in May-June...
2006 Halde Galerie, Widen, Switzerland
2005 Mercer Island (USA, WA)Mercer Island Art Gallery,"Jesters and Hearts"
2005 Richmond (Canada) Richmond Art Gallery-The Waiting Present
2004 Widen (Switzerland) Halde Galerie-Traumwelten
2004 New Westminster (Canada) Plaskett Gallery
2003 Vancouver (Canada) Monny's envision gallery-Time of magic
2003 Vancouver (Canada) The Good life-Gallery 1529
2002 Vancouver (Canada) Twizzle Studio
2001 Vancouver (Canada) Monny`s Envision Gallery
Group Exhibitions:
2006 Art Wow 2-Galerie Harwood ,Hudson,Quebec,Canada
2006 BREGA 06 (Bremgarter Gerwerbeschau 2006) Switzerland
2006 White Rock (Canada) Euphorbia Rotary Art Exhibition-Juried Show
2006 Semi- Salmon project, White Rock, Canada ,Rotary club
2005 Les Decourtenay Galleries, Ambassadors' Artistic Competition, (Biron de Bouffioulx Omnisport de Chatelineau) Belgium
2005 Main Street Gallery, Christmas show, Sydney , Canada
2005 Mercer Island Art Gallery-Christmas show, Mercer Island/Seattle,USA
2005 Halde Galerie-Advent show, Widen, Switzerland
2005 Circle Craft , Vancouver , Canada
2005 Vancouver (Canada) Revival Gallery
2004 White Rock (Canada)Euphorbia Rotary Art Exhibition-Juried Show
2004 Widen (Switzerland) Halde Galerie -Advent show
2004 Vancouver (Canada) Art Underfoot Competition-Public Art
2004 Widen (Switzerland) Halde Galerie-Spring show
2004 Vancouver (Canada)Ayden gallery
2004 Delta (Canada) Art Spacific - Juried exhibition
2004 Vancouver (Canada) Monny's Envisison Gallery-Spring Show
2003 Vancouver(Canada) Karma gallery
2002 Vancouver(Canada) The Good Art Show, Gallery 1529
2002 Omaha (NE,USA) Miniature V International Juried Art Exhibition-Period Gallery
2002 Great Barrington(MA,USA)"Anything goes" Exhibition-Gallery 304
2002 Anacortes (WA,USA) Art at the Port-Anacortes Arts Festival-Juried Art Show
2001 Vancouver (Canada) Monny`s Envision Gallery
2000 Raciborz (Poland) 3th International biennial
Artist's Statement:
The sources of my inspiration are many: an appreciation for personalities and the human scale; in particular,I love to look for traces of the people who came before and clues about what they did there and why.Journeys are an integral part of my artistic inspiration. The Mediterranean and Adriatic atmosphere that pervades my work comes from the summers I spent on the French and Yugoslav coasts. I am always intrigued by the human cultural elements and visual stimulation that I encounter. I find that every place and culture reveals its beauty to me through everyday life.I like to use symbols in my art work and while creating my personal iconography.The symbols are clues to many aspects of my life,but my paintings usually start with a color idea,then evolve into compositions in which color is the primary subject.I work in collage,various media on paper and canvas,mixing everything possible together in a visual format for public display. Much attention is given to the surface texture by adding different materials,carving scratching, gluing...and thus creating a visual dialogue. I complete my work using drawing techniques and whatever else it takes to communicate my intended vision.
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