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In Dhama
Tonlang temple
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Songdej Tiptong Painter
Born January 5, 1970, Chiang Rai Province.57240 That the U 68 / 1 Moo 1, even a leaf is nothing short of a word Tue Mary Mary T. Mahajan, Chiang Rai 57240.Thailand
- Master of Arts branch of Thai art painting, sculpture and print photos, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
- honorable mention honor yard art
- award No. 3 Panasonic Contemporary Painting No. 1, 2
- 2 Silver awards at Bua Luang Painting No. 20 type vertical traditions
- Outstanding Award for Contemporary Painting No. 3 Panasonic arts as painting exhibition invited Thai spirit 2.
- 2 Silver awards at Singh View Pha Singh Painting a portrait of Thai traditions, arts categories
- Painting prize in honor of King 3 you listed the head On the great auspicious opportunity royal ceremony by HM the 6 Thai Farmers Bank PCL.
- Have been selected to track seeding Inc Art in Honor of visual art projects
- Solo has been announced of Fame is a minister who Buddhism and national culture organization of Buddhist Iuw State Snik relationship world.
- chosen from Bangkok Bank Foundation To work painting the toolbar you whittle her present Sirikit Queen Foundation for promotion the Si and Crafts.
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