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Shiroma Ratne Paintings
A Visual Artist, whose work is original and innovative. Work represents a combination of conceptual ideas, visually communicated images & fine art that reaches to a wider audience. Work portays fragments of conceptual, visual and sometimes subconscious ideas. These ideas reveal a growth & a progress. They tend to depict an evolving process. The application of colour & materials used in the work all compliment the progress of the final work I create. Intension is to create a lot of positive energy in work when first start to work on a piece, this state of mind has given the artist the inspiration to create different yet original work.Life comes out of a longing, Desire and passion. Energies are the spirit of all things. They give us life. As the artist progressed over the years the ideas have developed and flourished.
Studied at Kent Institute of Art & DesignBA (Hons) Visual Communication and Camberwell College of Arts ( University of the Arts) MA Fine Art Printmaking.
Group Exhibitions:
2004 Sept On The Wall
Olympia, London

2004 May Artspace 2004
Barn Galleries, Aston,
Henley On Thames

2003 July Summer Time
Blue Wing Gallery Kew, Richmond

2002 March New Contemporary Printmakers
Printspace Gallery
2 Bear Gardens, London SE1

2001 December Bear Gardens Christmas Show
Printspace Gallery
2 Bear Gardens, London SE1

2001 October multiple impressions Printspace Gallery
2 Bear Gardens, London SE1

2001 April varied/5-contemporary Prints R K Burt Gallery
57 Union Street,London SE1

2000 September F-(ine)+(Art)2000 Centenery Gallery
London SE5 8UF

February 2000 RiceIsm
Nakano Technical College

1999 July New Designers 99 Business Design
Centre, Islington, London

1999 May International Print Exhibition Woodlane, Falmouth
Cornwall, TR11 4RH

1998 April Blood On The Floor Royal Festival Hall
South Bank, London

1996 July Colours & Images The foyer, Maidstone, Kent
Artist's Statement:
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