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A longing stare from a gate worn
It stood upon a hill
Where to now
With Raven Black
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Scott Taylor Paintings
Art is my life and my motivation is escape.It is my desire to provide viewers of my work with an avenue of escape from everyday visual reality. Through the use of cloud-like and map-like imagery I offer something vaguely familiar, yet unrecognisable enough to urge one away from associations. I create environments where time is of no consequence, distance holds no meaning. There are no references through which the viewer can orientate themselves, yet I ask you to enter these spaces and explore. A temporary respite, a journey devoid of the distractions of life. There are many avenues of escape via film and literature, but they are more often than not rooted in recognisable realities coupled with familiar emotions. You may find something, you may not, it is of no importance. The importance lay in the act of leaving, of separation and journey, a pilgrimage if you like, one without a predetermined destination. Embrace the fear of nothing and the absence of time. Forget physical reality and float awhile in the void
2003-2006 Bachelor of Visual Art (Painting), South Australian School of Art. 2005 6 month exchange at Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Art, England. 2000-2002 Traveling and working around Britain, Europe and the Near East. 1997-1998 Certificate IV in Applied and Visual Art, O’Halloran Hill Institute of TAFE, Adelaide , South Australia.
2007 Chosen as South Australian School of Art Outstanding Graduate 2006 for the Adelaide Bank Award 2007
2006 Selected for the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2007
2006 Artist Grant, Helpmann Academy
2005 Travel Grant, University of South Australia
2003-5 Vice Chancellor’s Merit List and Dean’s Merit List, University of South Australia
Single Exhibitions:
2007 graticule, Flightpath Architects, Adelaide
2006 transient, online exhibition,
2006 Abstraction Creation, (two person show) Artistic License Gallery, North Adelaide
2005 Clouded Mine: Liminal, SALA Festival, Avalon Gallery, Adelaide
2005 Clouded Mine: Preliminal, Duke of York, Adelaide
Group Exhibitions:
2007 Unwrapped, United Galleries, Perth (upcoming 27/07/07)
2007 Hope, a moving image, 191 Gouger St, Adelaide (upcoming 07/08/07)
2007 Out From the Crowd, Artistic License Gallery, North Adelaide, (upcoming 02/08/07)
2007 Princes Contemporary Art Show, Prince Alfred College, Adelaide
2007 Open to Interpretation, NewJay Gallery, Adelaide
2007 Helpmann Academy Graduate Show, Helpmann Academy, Torrens Pde Drill Hall, Adelaide
2007 Rona Green, Rebecca Mayo and Scott Taylor, Adele Boag Gallery, Adelaide
2006 Artwest, Rockford Hotel, Adelaide
2006 World Vision Christmas Charity Auction, Artistic License Gallery, North Adelaide
2006 Diverse 11, McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Maestros and Apprentices Auction, Helpmann Academy, Adelaide Convention Centre
2006 My Happiness Exhibition,(Charity show, Out of the Blue) Tin Cat, Adelaide
2006 A4 Play, 2006 Fringe Festival, Adelaide
2005 If you wanted the sky, Liverpool Street Gallery, Adelaide
2005 Arteast, The Exeter, Adelaide
2004 Postcards for a New Beginning, (World Wildlife Fund Charity Show), N Gallery, Adelaide
2004 A4 Play, 2004 Fringe Festival, N Gallery, Adelaide
Artist's Statement:
I found every passion in the sky – as encompassing and as certain and as fleeting as the intimacy of a night mist. John Schueler (1916-1992). The only way that I am able to create the escape that I have been longing for is through the cloud inspired abstract image. Clouds, those constantly shifting, ephemeral forms that can scream so loud and whisper so soft. Graceful, soft-edged forms that I use to inform my veiled spaces. Spaces devoid of distance and timeSpaces in which to forget. Using soft sombre tones I endeavor to imbue my canvasses with undercurrents of subtle force, eroding the hard edge of reality. The creation of my images is an organic journey, each stroke informing and encouraging the next. The final stroke neither planned nor expected. A process as faithful to the transient essence of my muse as possible.The resulting cloudscapes are sometimes ‘mapped’ with sinuous, contour-like lines. An attempt to understand the forces and movement that drive my work. Others are overlaid with foregrounds of scraped and dragged layers of paint. They are a chaotic contrast that obscures the spaces beneath, yet never quite obliterates them. Is it an obstacle for the traveler? Or maybe something solid to hold onto? The titles of my paintings are not, strictly speaking, titles. They are a result of my love of the ambiguous sentence and its ability to trigger journeys of the imagination. Maybe the paintings provide the space within which the viewer can follow the imaginative paths the words begin? Maybe they are the image’s anchor in reality? Or maybe they do reflect some aspect of the paintings? It is up to you. Influences include, Gerhard Richter and his monumental free abstracts, Mark Rothko and the great nothing, Caspar David Friedrich and the god in nature and Jon Schueler and the poetry of sky. They all move me deeply and it is my hope that I can attain at least an echo of the sublime that these artists achieve so gracefully. Thank you for your curiosity.
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