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Summer Fun
Sunset Waves
The Dark Roller
The Roller
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Scott McGregor Paintings
Artist Scott McGregor was born in 1965 and brought up in Largs, a small seaside town on the West Coast of Scotland.After graduating in Graphic Design & Illustration from Art College in Glasgow,he started work 18 years ago as an illustrator. With the graphic industry evolving to digital, after 4 years he moved from working on the drawing board to 4 years as a 2D illustrator on the PC, he now work as a 3D modeller using computer graphics.
HND in Technical Illustration.Diploma in Design for Print.
Group Exhibitions:
'The Capello gallery'_Largs
'ArtDeCaf gallery'_Glasgow
'Di Rollo Art Gallery'_Edinburgh
'Just Scottish Gallery'_Edinburgh
'Niche Gallery'_South Queensferry
'Shoreline Gallery'_Aberdour
'In Frames Gallery'_Dunfermiline
Artist's Statement:
Scott has painted for over 20 years and has mastered a style of painting which is realistic and also merging into impressionism.With the use of vibrant colours on his palette and depending on the subject matter, he applies the paint using a palette knife to get roughened texture of a landscape, or a brush when painting figures for a more subtle & detailed approach.Scott has exhibited over the years with his originals being purchased by private collectors.
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