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A Place
Concrete Sky
Free Bird
I Lived There
Im Blue
Long ago
Looking for you
Moon Shine
No Place
Petrol Station
That Place
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Sara Twomey Paintings
I want to find my own language of painting and have it caught within the paint and captured on the canvas. The material of the paint itself is important to me, with it I can experiment with colour and form disappearing into light. I want to capture atmosphere and emptiness and make it concrete.
2000 Canterbury School of Fine Art- BA (Hons) Fine Art.2002 Postgraduate Certificate in Education
2006 to 2009 - Assistant Manager for Damien Hirst's London Butterfly studio

2000 -Awarded the David Haste Landscape Award. First prize in a National Award for innovation

2000 -Achieved a Commendation for my Dissertation Landscape seen through the eyes of the driver.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Large scale Trompeloeil oil paintings for permanent display. Ace Hardware -Oxford, Ohio USA.

Commissioned Painting for the Assistant Manager of Science Ltd.
Single Exhibitions:
No single exibitions
Group Exhibitions:
1999 Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury Kent. -Colour- student group exhibition.
2000 Canterbury School of Fine Art, Canterbury Kent. -Sofa Stars-Paintings on metal selected for show.
2001 Woodlands Art Gallery, Greenwich SE London. -Collective Charity-group exhibition for charity.
2002 Deptford X, Deptford SE8 London.-Open Studio- Work selected for group exhibition in the gallery.
2003 Oils Studio, Deptford SE8 London.-Time Paintings selected for group exhibition in the gallery.
2004 A.P.T. Gallery, Deptford SE8 London. Art in Perpetuity Trust- Paintings selected for exhibition.
2005 The Hall Gallery, Deptford SE8 London. painting the hall way. Paintings selected for show.
2006 The Factory, 50 Redchurch St, E2 London.
The launch paintings selected for opening of new gallery.
2007 Hertford rd Studio, Science Ltd, Employees show at Damien Hirst butterfly Studio, N1 London. 'Wrecking ball'group show.
2008 Glengall Rd Studio, Science Ltd, Employee Show at Damien Hirst butterfly Studio, SELondon. A4 paper-group show.
2009 Departure Gallery, Trident way, International trading estate. Southall, London - Resendency / group show.

2009 Neals Yard Galleries, Chiswick Place, 272 Gunnersbury Avenue, London W4 5QB- Group Show.
Artist's Statement:
I want to find something beautiful in the ugliness, almost fleeting like a memory of an imaginary landscape. One that comes from the everyday landscape like the generic parts of town on the edges of the city. The Non places of wastelands we ignore and pass by.
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