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Flower on mountain
Rice on mountain
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Sangiam Yarangsri Paintings
Born November 15, 1970.
Education Sb. Painting Faculty of Fine Arts. Chiang Mai University.Current year as an independent art
Single Exhibitions:
- "Outstanding Doi" You at Night Gallery, Chiang Rai.
- "embrace แหง mountains" Liv stay at Hotel Room Echaratan Gary Rnd Bangkok.
- "8 year mountains Waltham try" at the associated need 9 R. Rai gallery.
- "8 year mountains Waltham local institutions try to come back" at the associated need willing R. Gallery Chiang Mai.
- "Far beautiful mountains of Chiang Rai" at the State R. Alicia R. record associated want Gallery, Bangkok.
- "concert Npakas sector cloud" at the associated need 9 R. Rai gallery.
- "Rai - Chiang gold" at the associated need 9 R. Rai gallery.
- "100 a Thai - Nepal at Silom Antique Maria R. Aerospace associated need.
- "Far hills with gold" at the Gangnam number 1 Gallery, Silom Bangkok Antique Maria.
Group Exhibitions:
- exhibition "Art for Art Gallery, Chiang Rai" at the National Arts products Pipit Bangkok - Exhibition "EASE & WILD" All Seasons Place, Bangkok.
- Exhibition "Pieces & Whole" Burapha University, Chonburi,
- Exhibition "New melon but egg Andaman Pearl.
- Exhibition "Think Her drug" at Queen's Hall Arts Majesty Queen Sirikit you
- Exhibition "SKETCH FROM PARIS" at the associated need 9 R. Rai Gallery
- Exhibition "impressed with the realistic picture," Art Gallery at the edge of territory, long time.
- exhibition "49 Art as Lanna Thai border" at the Art Gallery kidney Iwn, Chiang Rai
- Exhibition "Lanna
- Lan Chang" at the Art Gallery margin long, long time.
- magma try" by Mahidol University Art Gallery at Queen's Majesty Queen Sirikit you
- Exhibition "Sala Vincent decoration arts แหง Way Park Way year waste stream j the" Thailand Commercial Building at Par c Plaza Bangkok.
- Exhibition "Art Mekong Sub-regional group of water, China - Thailand: Movie Movie Lanna at the University of Port number Endemol China.
- Exhibition "Art and Friendship: Rai
- Movie Bureau Chief at the arts and culture. Chiang Rai Rajabhat University
- Exhibition "honor 80 local rainy season
Acr arts as" at Art Access Gallery Events Ragsrr Bangkok.
- Thai Contemporary Art Exhibition in France by 6 art at a Thai Moulin des Acacias, France.
Artist's Statement:
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