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Cretan-Shaped Jug
Spouted Jug with White and Blue Lines
Jug Jigsaw with Model Jug
Blue Triangular Jigsaw in a Box
Still Life with Opened Box
Grey Still Life withJug
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Sandy Segal Applied Art
Sandy Segal is an American, who is married to an Englishman, and lives in London. She has degrees in Political Science (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and History (University College, London) and studied ceramics at the Croydon College of Art. Her current work includes: still life pieces, which attempt to make the 3-dimensional appear to be 2-dimensional; 3-dimensional jigsaws with some in boxes; slab forms influenced by ancient pottery cultures; large coiled vessels and small boxes. Among her other influences are artists of abstract expressionist movement and Giorgio Morandi. She loves clay as a material and tries to retain that earthy quality in her finished pieces. She is currently working in a white, coarse stoneware and makes all of her own glazes and engobes. Sandy has exhibited in a number of galleries in London and on the east coast of England and the pre-eminent sculpture gallery owner Denis Alwin Davis specially commissioned her to make pieces for the Alwin Gallery in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Her work has appeared as a cover feature on the London Potters’ Newsletter.
I have a BSc in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and an MA in History from University College, University of London. I attended pottery classes at Elmwood Adult Institute and drawing classes at the Strand Adult Institute. I attended the Croydon College of Art as a fulltime student in the ceramics department for an academic year.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Denis Alwyn Davis commissioned me to make several pieces for his sculpture gallery in Tonbridge Wells, Kent.
Group Exhibitions:
I have exhibited in a number of galleries including the Long Gallery, the Edith Grove Gallery, the Knapp Gallery, the Morley Gallery, and the Crypt Gallery all in London. I have also been selected to show at the Clerkenwell Green Open Studios event and the Hidden Art Christmas Gallery, and have exhibited at the Sutherland Gallery and the Craftco Gallery in Southwold, Suffolk and the Alwin Gallery in Kent.

My work is currently on show at the Cecilia Colman Gallery and the McHardy Coombs Gallery, both in London.
Artist's Statement:
All of my work involves some sort of problem solving. My still life pieces attempt to make the 3-dimensional appear 2-dimensional. My jigsaws try to make order out of chaos, which involves trying to get the clay pieces, which try at different rates, to fit together. The slab pieces started as a way of testing out the parameters of my new electric kiln and have grown into my studying the forms of ancient pottery cultures. I play around with abstract expressionism as a way of decorating the surfaces of these pots.
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