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Orange Thread Disk Cuff
Orange Thread Disk Pendent
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Samantha Mills Applied Art
I am a designer maker of wearables. My work conveys a personal interpretation on fashion accessories for people’s identities, colours textures and objects relate to peoples personal fetishes, where personality and interests are a constant source of inspiration. Through the application of metal and textile techniques, I have focused on the creation of fashion adornment. I choose the materials and techniques to fit with the concept of the item; the idea always comes first that is why my work has personality of the buyer/ wearer in mind. My designs are usually one off pieces or small batch production for a niche market. The people who buy my product like to display their individuality and can relate to the item, which makes it personal to them.
1999 – 2002 Bachelor of Design with Honours Liverpool Hope University
1997 – 1999 GNVQ Advanced in Art & Design Tameside Technical College
1991 – 1992 HND Interior & Exhibition Design Salford Technical College
1989 – 1991 BDS National in Display Design Oldham Technical College
Selected Commissions/collections:
Textile prints for ties, Private commission
Trophy Design, batch production for Aim Higher Achievement award
Jewellery for private commission
Lace Accessories for Abbey Road Fashion Show
Plectrum collection for Peepshow in Manchester.
Group Exhibitions:
Nov 06 - Jan 07 ‘Christmas Wishes’ Royal Exchange Manchester
‘Make Me’ Urbis Manchester

July – Aug 06 ‘Architectonics’ RENEW Rooms Liverpool

June - July 06 ‘Architectonics’ Urbis Manchester

Oct- Jan 2005 ‘Desirable’ at the royal exchange

‘Make Me’ at Manchester art gallery

July- Aug 2005 ‘Limited Edition’ Manchester Craft & Design

Jan-Feb 2005 ‘Cream Of Tameside’ The Peoples Gallery

Nov-Jan 2004 Twelve days of Christmas exhibit
The Royal Exchange, Manchester.

Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport.

‘Beautiful things’ Ashton Art Gallery

July – Aug 2004 Icon Exhibit
The Peoples Gallery, Cheshire

April- July 2004 Manchester Fashion 04
The Triangle, Manchester

Nov- May 2004 Firbob & Peacock, Knutsford

Oct – Jan 2004 Collard Manson, Sheffield

Aug-Nov 2003 Copola Gallery Sheffield

July-Oct 2003 Leeds City Art Gallery

Spin Cycle, Brighton

Oct – Dec 2002 Astley Chethems Gallery, Cheshire

July 2002 New Designers, London

June 2002 Cornerstone Building, Liverpool

March 2001 Exposure Exhibit
Wade Smith, Liverpool
Artist's Statement:
From Dada to the modern age, lace is a provocative media in which to work with the female form. Lace evokes the thought of femininity in lingerie; this has inspired my textile process. The deconstruction method ensures that each piece is an individual and personal as the wearer.

I am a conceptual Designer maker that specialises in Metal and textile techniques. I sell my work through Craft and design centres, various boutiques and also through exhibits in galleries. I have also been involved in community Arts and project management for various organisations. I am also the Exhibits Coordinator for the Manchester Jewellers Network.
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