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One Love
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Sam Wickey Sculptures
Sculptor, Sam Wickey was born and raised Amish. Sam Wickey's Angel Series is inspired by a world message of peace and love, and is also a celebration of one man's struggle from fear to freedom. Inspired from childhood struggle and imagination, Wickey has perfected the art of sculpting without any formal training. Wickey's work has been noted as gifted, inspired and nothing short of miraculous. He has made public appearances at Terbush Gallery in Sedona, Arizona for "Illusions" and "Exodus," the first two of his Angel Series. "Illusions" represents the battle within man's own mind and his illusions of truth. "Exodus" represents a balanced dance between higher consciousness and human vulnerability. His two most recent Angel Sculptures are called "One Love" and "Home." Wickey's "One Love" Sculpture is a celebration of spirit and Love. "Home" is a sculpture embodying a message of Love and Peace for all. Sam's Angel Series and other commissioned sculptures have been shown for 3 consecutive years at the Loveland Art Show in Loveland, CO. His Angel Series was shown in Las Vegas at the Art Expo in September 2008.
Sam Wickey is a Self Taught Sculptor. He began sculpting at the age of 25 with a razor blade and nut pick and he has created all his sculptures with those same tools.
Selected Commissions/collections:
His most publicized sculptures include his commissioned, original bronzes for the NFL and NBA. Wickey's originals of Tom Chambers and Kevin Johnson were gifted to the actual players at their last award and retirement ceremonies. They are both on display at the America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona and were nationally televised.

More of Wickey's work is also on display at Majerly's Sports Grill including sculptures of Dan Majerle and Charles Barkley of the Phoenix Suns and the famous "Shaq" of the L.A. Lakers.

La Jolla, California is the home of Lew Bush's Lew's Barbecue, where you can see more Wickey bronzes, including: Tiger Woods, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Michael Jordan and one of Lew himself who played for the San Diego Chargers. In addition, Sam has been commissioned to create sculptures for Larry Centers, Eric Hill, and Eric Swan of the Arizona Cardinals, Craig Newsome of the Green Bay Packers, Charles Haley,who has 5 Super Bowl rings, and Anthony Miller of the Dallas Cowboys, Peter Boulware of the Baltimore Ravens and many more.

Sam has also been commissioned to create numerous sculptures of loved ones. Other than sculpting Sam loves to paint murals. One of his larger murlas is 14' high by 7' wide.
Single Exhibitions:
Loveland Art Show (2006, 2007, 2008)
Las Vegas Art Expo (September 2008)
Artist's Statement:
Sam Wickey wants to achieve as much recognition as possible for his Angel Series in an attempt to let the world know the messages of these sculptures, which is world peace and love. He also wants to share with the world an intimate part of himself which stems back to his Amish upbringing.
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