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Daisy the third
Mother of the Bride
My Grandad and my Two Brothers
Sam and Sarah
Self Examination
wee Annie
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Sally Brennan Paintings
I work from photographs and indeed markedly leave evidence of this in my work, the strange coloured outlines as fragmented light is caught incorrectly my the camera, the exaggerated curved lines and over importance of the specific body parts of the dominant portrayed figure, only captured with 180° lens. Continuously snapping as the portrayed goes about their everyday life, surrounded by their own possession or in a place which signifies them best, until the perfect shot is captured, a single split second that sums up that person, so that the viewer, who will already have a sense that they are peering in on someone’s life from the “spy hole” perspective, will feel as if they know this person.
BA (hons) Fine Art, 1999, Coventry University.BS Multimedia, Greenwich University
Single Exhibitions:
1999, Leicester City Gallery
Group Exhibitions:
1999, Cargo at the Custard Factory, Birmingham
Artist's Statement:
I would start by asking you to think about a place or an activity when you feel you are most yourself, this could be something you are revealing to the world for the first time (your quiet time with your Spiderman collection), or something you are known for doing (your amazing culinary skills) . I would then come for a photography day and I would be observing for little traits, crocked smiles and pinkies up. I would then take my many images and manipulate then in Photoshop to get the most busy and interesting composition. Then set about painting.
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