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Hackney Shelf
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Ryan Frank Applied Art
Ryan Frank is a South African born product designer living and working in East London. Inspired by the natural environment and the possibilities of harnessing this in design, Ryan started his studies in product design in Cape Town, South Africa and completed them in Zwolle, Holland. Having worked for a short period at den Hartog Musch, a Dutch product design company, as well as at leading architects firm Alsop Architects, Ryan settled in East London to concentrate on his own collection of free-range products.
B-tec Degree in Product design
Winner of best press profile - Hidden Art Awards
Winner of most sustainable product - Hidden Art Awards
Selected Commissions/collections:
100% East bar and furniture
Single Exhibitions:
100%design 2006/2007
100%East 2006/2007
Milan Salone Satellite 2006
Artist's Statement:
Materials are at the heart of the process and are usually the starting point of design for Ryan. “My products are often by-products of the creative process,” says Ryan. “I’m inspired by the range of materials readily available in the environment and like to let a specific material dictate the kind of product that I make.”
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