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Romany Mark Bruce Paintings
Romany Mark Bruce came to England in 1978 to study Law. Qualifying in 1985, his career allowed him to work in London and Dallas before settling in Brighton in 1989.His sculptures, modelled in clay, and cast in bronze or cold-cast bronze resin have ranged from statuesque indoor torsos to heroic outdoor landmarks and mainly inspired by the human form. Recent exhibitions show a subtle change in direction with the development of his use of mixed media, including steel, wire mesh, shattered glass. Romany's paintings in acrylic are often dark, often vibrant, but always positive with a light and depth that convey his positive attitude to lifeDrawing on his extensive travels worldwide; his work challenges the viewer to see both the Cynicism and the humanity created for the fusion of abstract and human forms. Collectors in the UK, USA, GERMANY, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Cyprus have acquired his work and he has a piece placed on permanent public display in Adelaide, Australia.
Self taught
Selected Commissions/collections:
numerous private commissions
Single Exhibitions:
The George Street Gallery
Artist's Statement:
Every new work, be it a sculpture or a painting, is an adventure, and a journey of discovery
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