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Roland Summer Applied Art
Born 1955 Feldkirch, Austria.
1974 - 1980 Study of Architecture, Technical University of Graz. 1999 Exhibition project with Meissen Manufacture.
1995 Prix de la Ville de Carouge / Switzerland La calligraphie
1995 Theodor Koerner Prize
1997 LIKUM - Prize 5th Triennal for Small Ceramics Zagreb
1998 Purchase Award Int. Orton Cone Box Show Kansas / US
2000 Premio L'Alcalaten L'Alcora / Spain Concurso de Ceramica
2001 ICHEON / South Korea Honorable Mention
2002 Purchase Award Int. Orton Cone Box Show Kansas / US
2004 First Prize Ceramic Prize Diessen / Germany "Ceramic Pairs "
2005 Premio de Ceramica Aragon Zaragoza / Spain Second Prize
Single Exhibitions:
1992 Schweinfurt / Germany Galerie im Gewoelbe
1992 Meran / Italy Mebart Gallery
1993 Vienna Galerie Tiller
1995 Bremen / Germany Galerie Holstein
1996 Hamburg / Germany Gallery L
1996 Stockholm Kaolin Gallery
1997 Aalen / Germany Kunstverein
1998 Pilsach / Germany Kaspar Hauser Castle
2000 Villach / Austria Galerie Freihausgasse
2001 Venray / Netherlands Gallery Rooyart
2001 Linz / Austria Galerie Zauner
2002 Margraten / Netherlands Gallery Groot Welsden
2002 Deventer / Netherlands Loes & REinier Gallery
2003 Gossau / Switzerland Ceramics Gallery
2005 Beckum / Germany Forum Keramik
2005 Nijmegen/ Netherlands The Yard Gallery
2005 Moenchengladbach / Germany Galerie Barthels
2006 Wuerzburg Werkkunstgalerie
2006 Pilsach / Germany Kaspar Hauser Castle
Group Exhibitions:
1994 Kairo National Centre of Fine Arts
1995 Carouge / Switzerland Biennal
1996 Kairo Akhnaton Gallery
1997 Manises / Spain Biennal
1997 Plymouth Plymouth Arts Centre European Ceramics
1998 Amsterdam Galeie Babel Global Ceramics
1998 Shepparton / Australia Shepparton Art Gallery
1999 Rufford / UK Rufford Gallery European Ceramics
1999 Hoehr-Grenzhausen / Germany Westerwald Prize
2000 Leipzig / Germany Grassi Museum Porcelain for Meissen
2000 Rufford / UK Rufford Gallery Raku - Investigations into Fire
2000 Taipei Yingge Museum Triennal
2001 Edinburgh Scottish Gallery Raku - Investigations into Fire
2001 Icheon / Korea World Ceramic Center Biennal
2002 Par / UK Mid Cornwall Galleries European Ceramics
2004 Amaroussion / Greece Exhibition Hall Biennal
2004 Hoehr Grenzhausen / Germany Westerwald Prize
2005 Faenza / Italy Museo de Ceramiche Concorso Internazionale
2005 Hemiksem / Belgium Chawan Expo - Touring Exhibition
2006 Delhi / India India Habitat Centre "Elements"
2006 Bath / UK Atticus Arts Scratching the Surface
Artist's Statement:
For many years Roland Summer has been refining a technique that combines the magical surfaces of Terra Sigillata with a raku firing that he calls “Lost Glaze” This technique is both complex and risky, leading to many failures, which he acknowledges as being part of the journey. When it works well, it creates beautifully delicate markings and smoky blushes. He has many ways to encourage the ingress of carbon and it is the subtlety of the markings that gives his work its distinctive magic. The pieces, which are coil built, combine classical elements of proportion and architectural refinement of form with the slight and deliberate irregularities created by the coiling process, this creates a tension that implies an inner pressure. The carbon markings seem to float within the depths of the polished translucent surface creating more tension between architectural coolness and the inherent warmth of the Raku process. They have a monumental quality, which gives them the power to dominate a space, but they also exude a subtle sensuality, their beautifully curved, mottled and spotted surfaces exerting a primitive power that invites touch. (Richard Godfrey)
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