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Winning Challenge
Four for Lunch
Watertrough Quartet
Where it's warm
He knows he's a winner
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Roger Heaton Paintings
Accomplished artist with more than 35 years experience in pastel, oil and watercolour painting, specialising in animal and personal portraiture and landscapes.
Self Taught
Single Exhibitions:
2002: 6 month tour of Lincolnshire hospitals.
1994: Willoughby Memorial Trust Gallery, Corby Glen, Lincolnshire.
1993: University Hospital, Nottingham.
1991: Newark Folk Museum.
1985: Patricia Wells Gallery, Bristol.
Group Exhibitions:
2005: Anstey Galleries, Harrogate.
1993: Djanogly College, Nottingham.
1987 - 1991: Various British Society of Painters, Ilkley, Yorkshire
1986 - 1991: Various Yorkshire Society of Artists, Ilkley, Yorkshire.
1984 - 1987: Omell Galleries, London.
1984: Royal Academcy Summer Exhibition.
Artist's Statement:
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