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Chair and skull
L'eglise Saint Theoffrey
Small tree
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Robin Perko Paintings
Robin recently changed his life, and decided to become a full time artist. His previous career was creative (graphic design), but ultimately a frustrating experience. Now he has the hunger and desire to explore his passion to paint and draw... his subjects are predominantly figurative.
Born in Plymouth 1972. 1994, Studied a Fine art BA(Hons) degree at Bradford school of art and design, Yorkshire. 1995, Freelanced for 1 year as an illustrator. 1996 - 2005, ‘Office culture’; Worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for 9 years. 2005 - present, Artist, predominantly oil on canvas
Selected Commissions/collections:
1994 - Portrait ‘Bishop of Bradford’
1995 - Portrait ‘Captain Lamot’
1995 - Portrait ‘Mayor of Bradford’
2005 - Abstract landscape ‘man in red’
2005 - Abstract landscape ‘strange lights’
2005 - Abstract landscape ‘standing stones’
2005 - Abstract landscape ‘dreams’
2005 - Abstract landscape ‘suited figure and hill’
2005 - Abstract landscape ‘seated figure’
2006 - Portrait ‘Time piece’
2006 - Large figure ‘woman in red’
2006 - Portrait ‘A thought’
2006 - Abstract landscape ‘man in blue’
2007 - Portrait ‘A thought’
2007 - Portrait ‘Rosemary Mckie’
Group Exhibitions:
2006 - ‘Charisma’ gallery, Matlock, Derbyshire
2007 - ‘Peli-deli’ gallery, Matlock, Derbyshire
Artist's Statement:
The beauty of inspiration is that it can take a multitude of forms and it is an entirely individualistic and personal emotion. It is the essence of creativity and can be one of the primary impulses for the creation of prolific, emotive and sometimes provocative paintings.Robin paints only the things that give him inspiration. His art does not attempt to be unnecessarily clever, controversial or political. What matters to him most is to convey a three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface. Consequently it is this aspect of scale and unusual perspective that really fascinates him. Some of his paintings employ the use of a distinctive shape, such as a lone figure, instantly creating the illusion of somewhere large, mysterious and intriguing, whilst others incorporate still-life studies positioned as a for ground detail. Technique is also important, such as finding a strong composition, mixing a good balance of colours or choosing the right materials for the job, but, technique does not overwhelm any emotional direction he may experience. It is this element that provides the depth to his paintings. He believes that without such emotional conviction and a certain degree of difficulty, a painting could be in danger of becoming flat and without a ‘soul’, merely a decorative item, which is pretty but lifeless.The creation of art is a tiring and difficult journey. Robin’s hope is that by making this journey, he will produce paintings that come to life, and are able to provide many years of continued visual pleasure.
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