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Italian Peaches
Spanish Jug
Still Life with Fruit No.2
Still Life with Fruit No.5
Still Life with Fruits
Still Life with Fruits No.4
Three Gourds
Yellow Gourd
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Robert Tilleard Paintings
After studying stone lithography in France (and his first one-man show in Monte Carlo) he received a major bursary from the Southern Arts Association. He has since lived and worked in south west Wiltshire. He regularly exhibits paintings, etchings and wood engravings in London, the country and abroad. He paints on his travels and is a constant visitor to Italy. He accepts commissions for portraits, and for still lifes.
Robert Tilleard was born in England in 1949. He was educated at Vernon Holme Prep School, Canterbury, and St Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate. After Canterbury College of Art he did a degree at Bristol ( where he also spent a year seconded to the post-graduate Radio, Film and Television course at the Department of Drama at the University ) and a post-graduate course in teaching at Brighton. He taught at Angley School in Kent and later taught etching at Cranborne Chase School in Wiltshire. He continues to teach privately, at home and abroad.
Artist's Statement:
The still lifes are arranged without artifice so that both artist and viewer can concentrate on the essence of the objects. All the paintings displayed are on fine linen and are 1 1/2" deep, which is twice the thickness of a normal painting. The painted image continues over onto all four edges , therefore they cannot, and should not, be framed. All the paintings are in an approximate proportion to that of the golden rectangle.
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