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Outbreal (triptych)
The Last White Buffalo
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Ritch Gaiti Paintings
Ritch Gaiti...paintings of another time, another place Ritch Gaiti's ethereal paintings commemorate the American southwest— a horse runs free on the open range; a buffalo oversees the plains that he rules; a proud people enjoy a rich culture and a oneness with the land. The paintings are about change, evolution, and extinction—something emerges, something disappears. Each represents the spirit of a time long gone.
Self Taught.
Trail of Painted Ponies 2006-Winner of Judges Award of Merit.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Commissions considered and priced individually (as they should be).
Single Exhibitions:
Multiple throughout the United States.
Group Exhibitions:
Multiple throughout the United States.
Artist's Statement:
This series of paintings celebrates a unique time and people in American history.
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