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Regina Heinz Sculptures
Regina Heinz is an award-winning ceramic artist, best known for the "pillow" forms she creates as individual abstract sculptures or as part of a wall panel series. Born in Austria, she studied Fine Art and Ceramics in Vienna, Geneva and London and has worked from her ceramics studio in the Wandsworth Business Village, South London since 1998. A resident in the UK from 1989, Regina Heinz received funding from the Crafts Council to set up her workshop. She is a Crafts Council Selected Member and an elected Fellow of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain. Her work has been purchased by the National Art Collector's Fund and is held in various museums including the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England, the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Stoke on Trent, England, the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza, Italy and the Yingge County Ceramics Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. Regina Heinz works on private and public commissions. Projects include a site-specific installation of 9 wall panels for the Broomhill Sculpture Garden in Barnstaple, England and a 5 ft tall sculpture for Rufford Craft Centre, Nottingham, England.
1975-1981 - Academy of Fine Art, University of Vienna, Austria - MA Painting, German Literature
1988-1989 - Ecole Superieure d'Arts Appliques, Geneva, Switzerland
1989-1993 - Goldsmith's College, London - Post-grad. Diploma Ceramics (Distinction)
1989-1993 - London Guildhall University - Diploma Ceramics
1993-1995 - Wimbledon School of Art, London - MA Site-Specific Sculpture
1998 - Setting Up Grant, Crafts Council, Great Britain
1999 - Prize Town of Venissieux, Ceramics Biennale Manises, Spain
2002 - Adrian Sassoon Arts of the Kiln Award, Chelsea Crafts Fair, London
2006 - Queensbury-Hunt Prize, Ceramic Art London 2006
Selected Commissions/collections:
2000 - Ceramic wall panel, private commission, London
2002 - Site-specific mural, Broomhill Art Hotel and Sculpture Park, Barnstaple, England
2004 - Site specific mural, private commission, Austria
2005 - Ceramic Wall Panel, private commission, London
2006 - Various private commissions for sculptures and wall panels in England and Austria
Single Exhibitions:
1999 - Angel Row Gallery, Foyer, Nottingham, England
2000 - Eton Applied Arts, Windsor, Eton, England
2003 - Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough, England
2005 - Ruthin Crafts Centre, Ruthin, England
2006 - The City Gallery, Leicester, England
Group Exhibitions:
1999 - European Ceramics Biennale, Manises, Spain
2001 - Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham, England
2002 - International Biennale of Ceramic art, Vallauris, France
2004 - Biennale of Ceramic Sculpture, Mamer, Luxwmbourg
2004 - 1st Taiwan Ceramic Biennale, Taipei, Taiwan
2005 - Westerwald Preis, Ceramics Biennale, Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany
2006 - Roger Billclife Gallery, Scotland
2007 - The pot, the Vessel, the Object, Aberystwyth Art Centre, England
Artist's Statement:
Regina Heinz's pieces display an organic and sensual quality, but are essentially abstract, dealing with form, volume, line and colour. Soft slabs of clay are bent, manipulated and joined with mathematical sensibility to create precise but playful forms that are informed and inspired both by the mountainous landscapes of her native Austria and the urban geometry of the big city. "It is this tension between the hard and soft, the architectural and the organic, the abstract and the natural, which animates my work", Heinz comments. Geometric designs are incised and brushed on in vibrant ceramic colours to emphasise the underlying forms and to add depth and intensity to the coloured surface. Regina Heinz creates contemporary ceramic sculptures and wall panels that enhance both cooperate environments and private modern living spaces.
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