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Acquatic Alpha
Amber Gemini
Quenching Spirit
The Creation
Veil of Innocence
Wings of Peace
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Raymond Edwards Paintings
“The best way to experience my art is to ‘feel’ it – using your intuition rather than your intellect”My paintings over the years have reflected my own personal diversity, but now I’ve finally found my signature. I have been a writer/director of theatre and film, a singer, dance choreographer and a serpentine stone sculptor. I have studied a metropolis of artists from traditional Bushman art to Michael Angelo, Picasso, Signac, Pissarro, de Chirico, Duchamp, Matisse, Kandinsky, Miro, Ernst, Dali, Escher, Manga comic illustration to present-day digital medium. I am also, inspired by the sheer elements of nature and the science of life. I enjoy philosophy, the language of symbolism, and most of all, I cherishes my moments of meditative silence.
Diploma of Fine Art, Pottery and Graphic Desing, Peter Birch School of Art, Harare 1980Advanced Level Art London University 1981Fonder of the Gondo Arts Studios, performing Arts Centre 1985Writing, development and direction of "Vanished Civilization" inspired by the famed Great Zimbabwe Ruins 1985Attendance of the 7 Art Theatre and the International Conference Centre for the International N.A.M. delegates and dignitaries 1986Solo exhibition at the Jon Boyne Gallery, Zimbabwe, sponsored by Zimbank 1987Solo exhibition at Sara's Show Room, Zimbabwe 1987BFA and MFA Degree in Film/Video from the California Institute of the Arts 1994-1996Direction and production of "Shadow Rising" showed at the Academy of Animation, North Hollywood 1996Solo exhibition at the Zizi Gallery, Mayfair, London December 2004
Artist's Statement:
Born in Harare (aka Salisbury, Rhodesia) to mother, Valerie Leah Govinder and father, Stanley Herbert Edwards. His mother was a jazz singer and decided to abandon her family for a chance to pursue her singing career in England. Deserted by his mother at eight months old and raised in the dysfunctional and violently abusive home of his father and second wife, Rita Rosalind Rosemary Rose, Edwards experienced a tormentuous up bringing. Edwards left his father's home at the age of twelve, in fear of killing his parents for all their abuse. Edwards went to live with his wealthy grandmother, Rose Agnes Edwards (aka Rose Agnes Rawson, who changed their family name from Zimmermann to escape Nazi Germany. Then he attended a private school, Marrist Brother's College where Grandma Rose had hopes of Edwards becoming a Catholic priest.
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