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After the Bath
Afternoon in the Old City
Apple of Discord
Art of Cognition
Cameleer's Mistake
Clandestine Libido
Deja Vu
Diffluent Charm
Exhibit Dance
Mars, Venus and Cupid
Old Tbilisi Yard
Opportune Departure
Pergamon Bas-Relief Illusions
Perspectives of the Whale Trainer's Marriage
Remorseful Toreros
Sea Rhapsody
Stare of History
Stone-work Cart Delusions
Stormy Pas
Sunset Dance
The Entrance
The Forsaken Carriage
The Lost Band
The Naked Truth
Unequal Fight
Unexpected Return
Violator of the Balance
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Ramaz Razmadze Paintings
The surreal paintings of Ramaz Razmadze are thought-provoking portals into the visionary world of his imagination. Depending on the viewer, his art may be described as enlightening or frightening, ridiculous or sublime. Razmadze creates surreal paintings while maintaining a realistic manner of painting. His art technique reflects the mysterious world of surreal compositions, characters and situations, while his realistic manner of painting makes "unreal" compositions and objects seem "real." Viewers often wonder if the artist is subconsciously depicting himself in his paintings. He works in a variety of mediums including oil, gouache, watercolor and ink.
1990 graduated from the Georgian Technical University.From 1985 until 1990 studies oil painting at the studio of the famous Georgian artist Mahare Janelidze.Exhibitions:Trade Union’s Palace, 1990 – one man show; Georgian State Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia, 1991 – one-man show; House of Journalists, Tbilisi, Georgia, 1992 – one-man show; Monkey House Studio Gallery, Rosedale, Toronto, Canada – November 2002 – trade exhibition; Baia’s gallery Art Orient, Tbilisi, Georgia, May 2003 – joint personal exhibition (two artists); Agora Gallery, Soho, New York – July 2003 – trade exhibition; Kopala Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, October 2003 – one-man show; Kopala Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, November 2003 – group exhibition “Georgian and Russian Art”; Kopala Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, December 2003 – group exhibition “Georgian and Russian Art”; Elite Gallery, Marriott Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia, since January 2004 until present – group trade exhibition; Kopala Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, May 2004 – one-man show Georgian State Museum of Modern Art “Karvasla”, June 2004 – “Georgia – country of artists”, group exhibition sponsored by BP Artishock Siemer Gallery, Switzerland 2004-2005 Inter Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA, personal exhibition, December 2004 MaxMed Show, Brooklyn, New York, “The Best Seven” group art show, February 2005 Kopala Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, September 2005 - personal exhibition Artishock Siemer Gallery, Switzerland, October 2005 - personal exhibition
Artist's Statement:
Ramaz Razmadze has had both solo and group exhibitions in Georgia, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland and the USA. His works are in private collections in Georgia, Denmark, Portugal, Canada, USA and many other countries.
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