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Cultural Window
The Indian Quilt of Warmth
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Ram Kharatmal Paintings
Inspite of all his negative surroundings, deserted environment, and survival friction he took it all as a compliment to creation. He took all his inspiration from the same and, not he could perform a panoramic presentation of his livelihood; but he has strongly tried to give a very different aesthetic meaning to an object from his life – ‘Godhadi’ The Indian quilt.Ramchandra Kharatmal when was studying for his Bengalore scholarship; had nothing with him to follow through. But, as it is always said ‘Man has given his best, when cornered’ – the same happened with Ram.Ram, born in Solapur, November 9, 1977, interior of Maharashtra, India, studied Art in Solapur at Kala vyavasaya Kendra, A.T.D. then Had further education in Painting from Satara School of Art in Satara. Then went to Pune to do Diploma in Art Education. Ram is always fond of his culture and his class. He was born and brought up in an average urban life. He uses to look at his grandmother (AJJI) weaving quilts. He has a positive attitude about those days than to feel inferior. A long introvert thinking has transformed to a mature statement as his creation.
A.T.D. From Solapur, Maharashtra India Kala vyavasaya KendraG.D.Art ( Painting) Satara School of ArtDip. A.Ed. from Bharati Kala Mahavidyalaya Pune
1999- 2nd Prize State Level Painting Competition
1999- 1st Prize- Annual Exhibition, Kala Maha Vidyalaya, Satara
1999- 4th Prize, State Level, on-the-spot-Landscape/ Portrait Competition. Mudra Art Foundation, Pune
2000- Consolation Prize. on-the-spot-Landscape Competition, Savarde School of Art
2001- All India Art Exhibition, Tilak Samrat Trust, Pune
2003- All India Art Exhibition, Surabhi Kalaratna Puraskar, Manav Sansadhan Kendra, Aurangabad
2005- 5th Prize, All India Art Exhibition, Atul Art Foundation, Pune
2006-19th All India Art Exhibition, Br. V.V.Oke, Tilak Smarak Trust, Pune
2006- State Art Exhibition, Maharashtra State, Mumbai
2006-48th National Exhibition Of Art Lalitkala Academi, New Delhi. ( The most prestigious National Award)
Single Exhibitions:
2003- Bliss Art Gallery, Pune
Group Exhibitions:
1999-2001- Annual Exhibition, Kala Mahavidyalaya, Satara
2002- Annual Exhibition Bharati Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune
2003-Manthan Group Show Pune
2005-World Palette International at Golf Club, Mumbai
Artist's Statement:
He finds some philosophical elements.Life is a canvas of diff. shades …. it may be joy it may be sorrow . . all put together and called life. Breath is the thread of life. Unseen, colourless, but existing. Breath gives rhythm to your life as a thread of eternity
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