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Kamdhenu, The Indian Sacred Cow
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Prof. Anil Naik Paintings
The images that emerge in Anil Nayak's paintings range from the known to the unknown. The artist stress on consistency in sharing artistic processes & remaining aware of other art forms is categorical. It is indeed fascinating to observe an artist evolve over an arduous path to achieve such levels of mastery so as to border on effortlessness.It seems like the artist has gradually entered into a discourse, in a very contemporary sense, with the self that contains many selves (in form of emotional states of mind). Clearly the works are a rendering of the subconscious into a fully conscious act. Mind into matter.
G.D. Art Diploma First Class - 1981, Diploma in Art Education Dept. - 1984
*Usha Deshmukh Gold Medal - 1984.
*Awarded Fellowship at Sir J.J. School of Art.
*Awarded Certificate in Maharashtra State Art Exhibition - 1978
*Awarded Directorate of Arts Prize(M.S) - 1980
*Awarded 'First Prize' in State Art Exhibition - 1981
*Art Society of India "Holdankar Prize" - 1982
*'First Prize' in All India Portrait Competition, Bombay Art Society - 1984.
*First Prize in Annual Exhibition of Sir J.J. School of Art, 1984.
*'Siemens Landscape Prize' for All India Water Colour Landscape Competition - 1984.
*Art Society of India "prizes" - 1985,1986,1989.
*Awarded Certificate of collection in State Art exhibition, Maharashtra State 1985.
*Awarded 'prizes' Nasik Kala Niketan - 1985,1986,1987,1991.
*2nd prize in Poona Art Exhibition - 1989.
*State Award, Maharashtra State - 1991.
*1st Prize in Bombay Art Society - Centenary Year 1991.
*All India Artist Camp by Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy - 1995.
*Gulbarga Univeristy, All India Camp- 1996.
*Humpy Utsav, All India Artist Camp - 1997.
*'Chandrakant Mandre Award' Kolhapur - 2000.
*State Award (M.S)2001
Selected Commissions/collections:
Sultan Kabboos, Muscat.
Shriyans Prasad Jain
Ramkrishna Hedge
Shri Lalachand Hirachand
Shri Dadasaheb Dahanukar
Shri Salgaonkar
Dyandeo Sardesai, London
Shri Talwarkwr, Pune
Two Paintings on Babasaheb Ambedkar, Mahad
Paintings Collections inModern Art Gallery Museum,Chandigarh Museum,
Chatrapati Shivajee Maharaj Portrait for BPT Conference Hall, Babasaheb Ambedkar Portrait for Bombay Municipal Corporation Hall
Single Exhibitions:
Show at J.J. Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1983
Show at Babasaheb Ambedkar Hall-1984Show at Artist Center, Mumbai-1986
Sakti, Solo show at Nehru center Art Gallery,2001
Group Exhibitions:
At Artist Center,1986
At Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1991
Gujrat Kala Academy,1993
Invitee show at National Gallery of Modern Art,1997
Invitee show sponsored by Mombay Art Society,1997
Golden Jubilee Year, Jahangeer Art Gallery, 2002
Artist's Statement:
I paint real experience...not just reality through vision
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