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Crazy House
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Pornchai Jaima Paintings
Born November 12, 1960 at the U Chiang Mai 40 Moo 2, panel ridge line above her New T. cruise people Mon Tue Doi Saket Chiang Mai 50220. Thailand
Masters Graduate School.Silpakorn University, Bangkok. Thailand
- have been selected.From the Ministry of Culture.To track seeding Inc. c. Art biography and his duties in thy brother King said she.
- a prestigious card operator Outstanding performance culture Chiang Mai.
- The Cultural Council Mon Chiang Mai
- award Insist on war art greeting card
associations, merchants want the gem of Thailand - Thai Art Prize 2 traditions.
- 1 gold medal award at Bualuang.
- Bua Luang Exhibition of Painting No. 19,
- 1 gold medal award at Bua Luang Painting.
- Bua Luang Painting Exhibition 18th
- 1 gold medal award at Bualuang.
- Painting a painting exhibition Bua Luang Thai traditions No. 17
- Outstanding Award.
2552 - Exhibition of the way cultural beliefs and faith at Bangkok Silom Gallerie - contemporary art exhibition in France by 6 art at a Thai Moulin des Acacias, France.
- Art exhibition at THE NORTH FAITH NUMBER ONE GALLERY, Bangkok - Art exhibition biography and his duties in the King.
- Art Exhibition.Inspiration from Buddhist
Single Exhibitions:
- Thai Art Exhibition No. 2 by Master Thai arts. - Chiang Mai city man at the State Gallery Pani, Chiang Mai
- Art Exhibition "Lan Na Lan Chang" at the Art Gallery waterfront long e long
- exhibit Art Honor
- King heads you listed at the royal palace gilded house Chiang Mai
- Thai Art Exhibition The Master of Arts at Chiang Mai Thai city man gallery Pani State,.
- Exhibition Hall, Do the colors came hot line at 1 Mon Chiang Mai
- the Exhibition Hall Do He want growth primarily of the cell tower arts and culture
- Exhibition of Thai spirit Art and Culture at the tower Chiang Mai University,
- 7 city man exhibition at the Art and Exhibition Hall of Culture Chiang Mai University - Exhibition "Time for Life" at the University of Art and Culture Hall.
- Art exhibition to Dhamma
- “AJAC 25” New Art in Tokyo The World's First Genetic Buddhists at the Plaza Hotel Arena, Bangkok, Thailand Cultural Center
- "AJAC 25" New Art in Tokyo Metropolitian Art museum, Ueno Lmperial Park
- Metropolitian Art museum, Ueno Lmperial Park in Tokyo, Japan
- Art Exhibition group 5 city man exhibition at Gallery Art and Culture Chiang Mai University
- Art Exhibition of a Contemporary Art and Culture Exhibition Hall at the Chiang Mai University
- Exhibition Art Art Si post scratch division Rajamangala Institute of Technology campus in northwest Muang ChiangMai.
Artist's Statement:
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