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Trophy Throw
Affected Manners
Erotic Call
Fair Wind
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Philippos Yiapanis Sculptures
I was born in Famagusta, Cyprus on the 8th of January 1957. Since August 1974 I live in Limassol, as we were forced to abandon Famagusta due to the Turkish invasion. I started sculpture in 1994 and had my first exhibition in 1996. After this I realized that I could do nothing else but sculpture. I quit my job and dedicated completely on my new work, which seemed to be a hobby. I gave sculpture all my life, all my love and my soul. I created my studio in Fasoula, a village 8 kms north of Limassol. I have a permanent exhibition of my work there, and a visitor can walk in the garden through the bronze and marble sculptures, in the summer can watch a theatre of listen to music in the "Small Salamis" open theatre which is found in the middle of my garden. Its a place full of art and romance in a full moon summer night.
Studied shipbuilding in Greece, but never worked in this field. Followed sculpture lessons in my country, studied many books for sculpture and practiced for some years. Art is inside you. Since you discover this, all you have to do is love it, work with it and live with it.
One of my sculptures was selected for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design International Contest, which is organised by the China Sculptors Association and the Beijing JinTai Museum. Sculptors from all over the world take part in this contest, and my work was between the 112 pieces selected and will be exhibited in 2006. In 2007 the committee of the contest will award the gold, silver and bronze medal. All selected works will be commissioned in China in big sizes and placed in town squares all over China. It was an honor for me to be selected between the 112 artists all over the world.
Selected Commissions/collections:
1. Big Sculpture at Cape Greco in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, commissioned by Ayia Napa Municipality to wellcome 21st Century.
2. Big Sculpture in a park in Denmark
3. Sculpture in UEFA Offices in Switzerland showing the fair play.
4. Monument at Kouklia village, outside Paphos, Cyprus to honor 5 officers killed when their helicopter crushed during a military exercise. One of them was the head of Cyprus Army.
5. Many portraits of Cyprus history heroes, who died for the freedom of their country, placed in squares all over Cyprus.
Single Exhibitions:
Exhibitions in Cyprus
November 1996 - Peterís Gallery (Limassol)
December 1997 - Bank of Cyprus(Paphos)
April 1998 - Sunflower Gallery (Larnaca)
October 1998 - Aeneas Hotel (Ayia Napa)
April 1999 - Morfi Gallery (Limassol)
August 1999 - Nissi Beach Hotel (Ayia Napa)
October 2001 - Apocalipsis Gallery(Nicosia)
November 2002 - Cyprus Corner (Larnaca)
February 2003 - Morfi Gallery (Limassol)
May 2005 - Apocalipsis Gallery (Nicosia)
Future exhibitions: At my studio/gallery September 2006, Athens in 2006
Group Exhibitions:
14 group exhibitions all over Cyprus
Artist's Statement:
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