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A Bird in the Hand
In, Out, Above, About and Below
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Peter Julian Sculptures
Peter Julian a sculptor, furniture maker and painter.
Self Taught.
Selected Commissions/collections:
We design and make custom furniture to suit your needs. We have no desire to mass produce anything we make, so you can be sure that what you have made for you will be unique.
Group Exhibitions:
"Figures of the Imagination" was an exhibition put together by Victoria Edgar, Peter Julian and George Stawicki at the Geelong art Gallery.
Artist's Statement:
Peter Julian started 5 years ago making unique furniture out of retired French Oak wine barrels and now favouring the fine grained American Oak for making; Bread and Cheese boards, Fruit bowls, Document & Jewellery Boxes, Ocassional tables, Chairs and Dining tables. This is beautiful timber and far to good not to be put to further good use. Utilising the graceful curve of the staves as a design feature, makes every piece individual. The design possibilities are endless and with the current rate of forest plundering taking place around the world, we need to make the best and fullest use of our natural resources with long term usage a major goal.Last Harvest was born out of necessity and a desire to make this realization a reality.Every stick of timber already harvested needs to be put to better and long lasting use after it has finished its original function.
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