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Peter Granville-Edmunds Paintings
For many years Peter travelled extensively in the Yemen and Africa. These experiences proved invaluable in the development of his work. His love of music and his personal interpretation of the colours he ‘sees’ in music is much in evidence. The influences of his paintings are also inspired by the rhythmic lines contained within a calligraphic form, whether it is standard text or musical notation, forming rhythms, or, as patterns in a piece of music, each establishing secretive forms within themselves.
1999 Gained 1st class BA(hons)degree in Visual Art. Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education2001:Gained MA degree in Fine Art. University of Gloucestershire.
Group Exhibitions:
1998:University of London. Chancellors Hall London
2000: Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre South Bank.
2001/4: Mall Galeries London
2002/4/6: Cheltanham OPEN.
2001/2:Mariners Gallery St Ives
2003:`Painting Sound` International Music Festival Cheltenham.
2003: Royal West Academy Bristol
2003/4: Royal Birming Society of Arts. Birmingham.
2005: Martins International Fine Art Gallery. Cheltenham.
2005: Oxford VA Gallery `Invent` Oxford.
2006: Selected artists. Bewdley. Worcester.
Artist's Statement:
My work continualy responds to my personal experiences, reflecting the rugged nature of the English landscape,its culture, its spirituality and it`s soul.`I try not to imitate reality in my paintings but to try find equivalents for it. This I feel allows a sense of ambiguity and mystery to enter the work. It allows me to explore more deeply the meaning and value that goes beyond literal representation. Each purports to capture a fleeting moment in life whilst being in actuality a rich accumulation of sensations and emotions. (quote from Roger Fry)
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