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She Waits
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Paul Spielman Paintings
About one year before my graduation from The Art Institute of Seattle in 1984, I realized that my interests were extending beyond graphic design to fine art and illustration.While freelance work led to many illustrations for various magazines, I also began to search for a more complete approach to, and understanding of painting.
The Art Institute of Seattle in 1984.
Selected Commissions/collections:
I welcome inquiries concerning Commissioned Paintings, Fine Art Prints, Sculpture, or Freelance design projects.
Artist's Statement:
My path fortunately led me to 3 years of oil painting and study with Seattle artist Ron Lucas. His insight concerning color, composition,value relationships, and painting from still life and models, started a momentum that continues in my work.After much realistic interpretation of subject matter, I now enjoy exploring simplification, and the accompanying abstraction involved. The approach is evolving, as any journey will, but the basics always apply.Along the way, I reluctantly saw the need for computer skills, and surrendered, bought a Mac, and began reading and experimenting. To my surprise, I enjoyed the process and now use the computer for illustration, web page design, and sometimes as a compositional tool before going to canvas. Recently, I have enjoyed working in Clay-to-Bronze with the figure. Sculpture adds a new dimension to consider, although my painting and drawing have been moving in a plane-oriented direction for some time.
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