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Paul Munson Paintings
Paul Munson's striking and original abstract paintings celebrate the colour, consistency and texture of oil paint; the paint matters more than what it can represent. Jazz and classical music are important influences. Munson has work in private collections in the UK, South Korea and the US.
1985 - 1990: Paul started twenty years ago with urban photography and cubist sketches of people. Painting became his main medium about two years later (1987) because he wanted more spontaneity, physical involvement (he exclusively uses his hands) and creative freedom. Early on he was influenced by tribal art of Africa and India. Later his work became increasingly abstract and influenced by Jazz. Dynamic with a liberal use of prime colours, vertical curvaceous lines set into play rhythms and dance like motifs that are still prominent in his current work. 1990 - 1998: Paul travelled around India and Korea, and settled in Korea for several years. During this time his paintings became serene and spacious, predominantly composed of greys and blues. 1999 - 2004: On his return to the UK, Paul gradually adapted many of the techniques he learned in Korea to a more vibrant palette that can be seen in current Munson paintings. He also studied the philosophy of art and aesthetics with the Open University.2005 : Paul has paintings in collections in Korea, USA and UK and is currently emerging on the UK scene with a new website, professional alliances with respected organisations such as RAG Artists and Makers and forthcoming exhibitions.
Artist's Statement:
I aim for an aesthetic experience that lingers with the paint on the surface of the canvas, free from the distraction of illusion or allusion. In a Munson painting the three dimensional space is with the actual texture of the paint not an illusion created by it. In my view paintings tend to be most rewarding when you get up close and see how the paint was applied. Naturally people will experience a range of emotions and make any number of associations with my paintings. But that is the nature of perception generally. A beautiful garden stimulates all sorts of thoughts and feelings, but it is essentially about plants and trees and how they are positioned. My paintings are about paint.
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