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Elm Table
Fiddler Chair
Spalted Beech Table
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Paul Cushnahan Applied Art
Paul Cushnahan was born in 1967.

School books and qualifications wasn't part of my upbringing. I have been crafting and working with wood throughout Ireland since my teenage years. My passion for wood and forest natural beauty has lead be down a path of self development and awareness of all the wood species that are now extinct, heading towards extinction or in plentiful supply throughout the world. I have developed a comprehensive listing of local and international suppliers for both native timbers to Ireland and the UK, along with foreign produced wood species.
Self Taught.
Group Exhibitions:
I attend several craft missions throughout Ireland including Showcase which is the main stage for local arts looking to make a mark internationally, which is lead in Dublin. I have built up relationships with interior designers both on the soft and hard furnishings and therefore as their client requires a unique piece of furniture to set off a room I'm involved either from the conception stage of what the piece should look like or I can work from a sketch and from there scale the size.
Artist's Statement:
I have been involved in wood furniture design since the mid 80's. I worked as a carpenter for the leading Irish Pub Design, Build and Installation company, and developed into the role of designing feature pieces and then carving from concept into reality. By 1995 I had built a reputation for skill and the hands of a gifted craftsman, and since then I've dedicated my time to commissioned pieces. There is a collection of woods that I can source which should give you a flavour for the different species available along with a view on the variation in work that I've been involved with. From creating pieces to match antiques and aging the wood accordingly and lacquering appropriately to creating unique tables not necessarily in the design of the table itself but in the pattern or as I would see it the spirit in the wood. For me wood is not just to be cut and sanded, in the species that are rare in volume it's finding the character in each piece and myself is in finding that spirit and letting it live within the commissioned piece.

For the most part the woods I use are not to be found at a regular timber merchants. I truly craft history into a form that is everlasting and that will become the antique of the future. My work can be enjoyed by generations to come and passed down through your family.
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